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Publications for Kalwani, Manohar
>Forthcoming Publications

Sriram, S. & Kalwani, M.. Optimal Advertising and Promotion Budgets in Dynamic Markets with Brand Equity as a Mediating Variable. Management Science.
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Sriram, S., Balachander, S. & Kalwani, M.. Monitoring the Dynamics of Brand Equity Using Store-Level Data. Journal of Marketing.

>Journal Articles

Sungwook, M., Kalwani, M., & Robinson, W. (2006). Market Pioneer and Early Follower Survival Risks: A Contingency Analysis of Really New Versus Incrementally New Product-Markets. Journal of Marketing, vol. 70 (1), 15-33.
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Kalwani, M., & Joseph, K. (1998). The Role of Bonus Pay in Sales Force Compensation Plans. Industrial Marketing Management, vol. 27 (2), 147-160.

Kalwani, M., Kumar, P., & Dada, M. (1997). The Impact of Waiting Time Guarantees on Customers' Waiting Experiences. Marketing Science, vol. 16 (4), 295-314.

Kalwani, M., & Narayandas, N. (1995). Long-Term Manufacturer-Supplier Relationships: Do They Pay Off for Supplier Firms?. Journal of Marketing, vol. 59, 16-Jan.

Kalwani, M., & Joseph, K. (1995). The Impact of Environmental Uncertainty on the Design of Sales Compensation Plans. Marketing Letters, vol. 6 (3), 183-197.

Kalwani, M., Meyer, R., & Morrison, D. (1994). Benchmarks for Discrete Choice Models. Journal of Marketing Research, vol. 31, 65-75.

Kalwani, M., & Morrison, D. (1993). The Best NFL Field Goal Kickers: Are they Lucky or Good?. Chance, vol. 6 (3), 30-37.

Kalwani, M., Ali, A., & Kovenock, D. (1993). Selecting Product Development Projects: Pioneering versus Incremental Innovation Strategies. Management Science, vol. 39 (3), 255-274.

Kalwani, M., & Yim, C. (1992). Consumer Price and Promotion Expectations: An Experimental Study. Journal of Marketing Research, vol. 29, 90-100.

Kalwani, M., & Joseph, K. (1992). Do Bonus Payments Help Enhance Salesforce Retention?. Marketing Letters, vol. 3 (4), 331-341.

Kalwani, M., Yim, C., Rinne, H., & Sugita, Y. (1990). A Price Expectations Model of Customer Brand Choice. Journal of Marketing Research, vol. 27, 251-262.