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Publications for Martin, Stephen
>Forthcoming Publications

Martin, S.. Refusal to Deal and Investment in Product Quality. Research in Law and Economics.

>Journal Articles

Banerjee, T. & Martin, S. (2015). Pharmaceutical regulation and innovative performance: a decision-theoretic model. Managerial and Decision Economics, vol. 36 (3), 177-190.

Martin, Stephen (2015). Areeda-Turner and the Treatment of Exclusionary Pricing under U.S. Antitrust and EU Competition Policy. Review of Industrial Organization, vol. 46 (2), 229-252.

Guenster, A. & Martin, S. (2015). A Holy Alliance: Collusion in the Renaissance Europe Alum Market. Review of Industrial Organization, vol. 47 (1), 1-23.

Hinloopen, Jeroen & Martin, Stephen (2015). Introduction: 40 years of Areeda-Turner. Review of Industrial Organization, vol. 46 (2), 205-207.

Martin, S. & Vandekerckhove, J. (2013). Market performance implications of the Transfer Price Rule. Southern Economic Journal, vol. 80 (2), 466-487.
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Martin, S. (2012). Market Structure and Market Performance. Review of Industrial Organization, vol. 40, 87-108.

Martin, S. and Valbonesi, P. (2008). Equilibrium state aid in integrating markets. B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, vol. 8 (1), article 33.
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Martin, Stephen (2006). Competition policy, collusion, and tacit collusion. International Journal of Industrial Organization, .

Martin, Stephen (2004). Applied industrial organization: methodologies and research agenda. Economia e Politica Industriale, vol. 123, 61-80.

Martin, S. (2003). The Evaluation of Strategic Research Partnerships. Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, vol. 15 (2), 159-176.
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Martin, S. (2002). Spillovers, Appropriability, and R&D. Journal of Economics, vol. 75 (1), 1-32.

Martin, S. (2002). Sunk Cost and Entry. Review of Industrial Organization, vol. 20 (4), 291-304.
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Martin, S., Normann, H., & Snyder, C. (2001). Vertical Foreclosure in Experimental Markets. Rand Journal of Economics, vol. 32 (3), 466-96.
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Martin, S. (2001). Competition Policy for High Technology Industries. Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, vol. 1 (4), 441-65.

Martin, S., & Scott, J. (2000). The Nature of Innovation Market Failure and the Design of Public Support for Private Innovation. Research Policy, vol. 29 (5), 437-47.

Martin, S. (1999). Trade and Competition. The World Economy, vol. 22 (6), 895-907.

Martin, S., & Schrader (1998). Vertical Market Participation. Review of Industrial Organization, vol. 13 (3), 321-31.

Martin, S. (1998). Strategic and Welfare Implications of Bundling. Economics Letters, vol. 62 (3), 371-6.
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Martin, S., & Hinloopen, J. (1997). Market Structure Determinants of National Brand-Private Label Price Differences of Manufactured Food Products: Comment. Journal of Industrial Economics, vol. 45 (2), 219-23.

Martin, S. (1996). R&D Joint Ventures and Tacit Product Market Collusion. European Journal of Political Economy, vol. 11 (4), 733-741.

Martin, S. (1996). Protection, Promotion and Cooperation in the European Semiconductor Industry. Review of Industrial Organization, vol. 11 (5), 721-735.

Martin, S. (1995). Oligopoly Limit Pricing: Strategic Substitutes, Strategic Complements. International Journal of Industrial Organization, vol. 13 (1), 41-65.

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Martin, S. (1994). Private and Social Incentives to Form R&D Joint Ventures. Review of Industrial Organization, vol. 9 (2), 157-171.

Martin, S. (1993). Endogenous Firm Efficiency in a Cournot Principal-Agent Model. Journal of Economic Theory, vol. 59 (2), 445-50.

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Martin, S. (1988). Market Power and/or Efficiency?. Review of Economics and Statistics, vol. 70 (2), 331-35.

Martin, S. (1988). The Measurement of Profitability and the Diagnosis of Market Power. International Journal of Industrial Organization, vol. 6 (3), 301-21.

Martin, S., Scherer, F., Long, W., Mueller, D., Pascoe, G., Ravenscraft, D., & Weiss, L. (1987). The Validity of Studies with Line of Business Data: Comment. American Economic Review, vol. 77 (1), 205-17.
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Martin, S., Kreinin, M., & Sheehy, E. (1987). Market Structure and the Pass-Through of Exchange-Rate Fluctuations. Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv, vol. 123 (3), 449-62.

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Martin, S. (1982). Industry Demand Characteristics and the Structure-Performance Relationship. Journal of Economics and Business, vol. 34 (1), 59-65.

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Martin, S. (1979). Advertising, Concentration, and Profitability: The Simultaneity Problem. Bell Journal of Economics, vol. 10 (2), 639-47.
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Stephen Martin (2010). Industrial Organization in Context. Oxford University Press.

Martin, S. (2003). Advanced Industrial Economics. .

Martin, S. (2001). Industrial Organization: A European Perspective. .

Martin, S. (1998). Competition Policies in Europe. .

Martin, S. (1994). The Construction of Europe. .

Martin, S. (1988). Industrial Economics: Economic Analysis and Public Policy. .

>Book Chapters

Martin, S. & El-Agraa, Ali (2010). Energy Policy. In A. El-Agraa (Ed.), The European Union: Economics and Policies. Cambridge UP.

Martin, S. (2009). The Petroleum Industry. In The Structure of American Industry. New York: Macmillan.

Stephen Martin (2008). The Goals of Antitrust and Competition Policy. American Bar Association.
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Stephen Martin (2008). Mergers: An Overview. Edward Elgar.

Martin, S. (2007). Competition Policy. In The Economics of The European Union. Oxford University Press.

Stephen Martin (2007). Remembrance of Things Past: Antitrust, Ideology, and the Development of Industrial Economics. Elsevier.
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Martin, Stephen (2006). Building on Coal and Steel: European Integration in the 1950s and the 1960s. Oxford University Press.

Martin, Stephen and Paola Valbonesi (2006). State aid to business. Edward Elgar.

Martin, S. (2004). Globalization and the Limits of Competition. In Handbook of Competition. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Martin, S. (2004). Coal and Steel: First Steps in European Market Integration. In D. Dinan (Ed.), Origin and Evolution of The European Union. Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Martin, S. (2000). Resource Allocation by a Competition Authority. In Foundations of Competition Policy Analysis. Routledge.

Martin, S., & Valbonesi, P. (2000). State Aid in Context. In Regulatory Reform and Competitiveness in Europe (176-201). Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.

Martin, S. (2000). Product Market Competition Policy and Technological Performance. In Market Structure and Competition Policy (161-90). Cambridge University Press.

Martin,S. (1999). Depression Cartels, Market Structure, and Performance. In Competition, Efficiency, And Welfare. Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Martin,S. (1998). Competition Policy: Publicity vs. Prohibition & Punishment. In European Competition Policies. Elsevier-North Holland Publishers.

Martin, S., Harstad, & Normann, H. (1998). Experimental Tests of Consciously Parallel Behavior in Oligopoly. In Applied Industrial Economics. Cambridge University Press.
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Martin, S. (1997). Public Policies Toward Cooperation in Research and Development: The European Union, Japan, The United States. In Competition Policy in The Global Economy (245-288). London: Routledge.

Martin, S. (1997). New Product Innovation Races. In Public Policy and Economic Analysis (91-118). Fukuoka: Kyushuu University Press.

Martin, S., & Philips, L. (1995). Product Differentiation and the Passthrough of Exchange Rates to Domestic Prices. In Market Evolution: Competition and Cooperation (147-161). Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers.
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Martin, S., & Evans, A. (1994). Reform of the Structural Funds. In The Construction of Europe (41-70). Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Martin, S. (1992). Economic Efficiency and Concentration: Are Mergers a Fitting Response?. I Valori Della Concorrenza.

Martin, S., & Adams, W. (1986). Public Support of Innovative Activity: Lessons From U. S. Industrial Policy. In Industrial Organization (413-39). Dordrecht: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers.

Martin, S., & Measday, W. (1986). The Petroleum Industry. In The Structure of American Industry (38-73). New York: Macmillan.

>Book Review

Martin, S.. 2013. In Search of a Chicago School: Review of Van Horn, Miroski, and Stapleford's Building Chicago Economics, . Reviewed in: Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology :225-237, .