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Publications for Novshek, Bill
>Journal Articles

Novshek, W. & Thoman, L. (2006). Demand for Customized Products, Production Flexibility, and Price Competition. Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, vol. 15 (4), 969-998.

Novshek, W. & Thoman, L. (2006). Capacity Choice and Duopoly Incentives for Information Sharing. Southern Economic Journal, vol. 72, 808-825.

Nizovtsev, D. & Novshek, W. (2004). Money-Back Guarantees and Market Experimentation. International Journal of Industrial Organization, vol. 22, 983-996.

Novshek, W., & Chowdhury, P. (2003). Bertrand Equilibria with Entry: Limit Results. International Journal of Industrial Organization, vol. 21 (6), 795-808.

Novshek, W., & Thoman, L. (1998). Information Disaggregation and Incentives for Non-Collusive Information Sharing. Economics Letters, vol. 61 (3), 327-332.

Novshek, W., & Thoman, L. (1993). Agency in a Market Setting. Journal of Economics-Zeitschrift Fur Nationalokonomie, vol. 58 (3), 225-253.

Novshek, W., & Sonnenschein, H. (1987). General Equilibrium with Free Entry: A Synthetic Approach to The Theory of Perfect Competition. Journal of Economic Literature, vol. 25 (3), 1281-1306.

>Book Chapters

Novshek, W. (1996). Directions for Research in Information Sharing. In Albach, H., Jin, J. Y. & Schenk, C. (Ed.), Collusion through Information Sharing?: New Trends in Competition Policy. Edition Sigma.