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Publications for Tobias, Justin
>Forthcoming Publications

Lopes, H. and Tobias, J.. Confronting Prior Convictions: On issues of prior sensitivity and likelihood robustness in Bayesian Analysis. Annual Review of Economics.

Li. M. & Tobias, J.. Bayesian methods in microeconometrics. Handbook of Bayesian Econometrics.

Li, Mingliang and Tobias, J.L.. Bayesian Inference in a Correlated Random Coefficients Model: Modeling Causal Effect Heterogeneity with and Application to Heterogeneous Returns to Schooling. Journal of Econometrics.

Li, M., Mumford, K. and J.L. Tobias. Bayesian Analysis of Payday Loans and their Regulation. Journal of Econometrics.

B. Abidoye, J. Herriges and J.L. Tobias. Controlling for Observed and Unobserved Site Characteristics in RUM Models of Recreation Demand. American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Kline, B. and J.L. Tobias. Explaining Trends in Body Mass Index Using Demographic Counterfactuals. Econometric Reviews.

>Journal Articles

Tobias, J.L., C. Kling, C-C/ Liu, J. Herriges (2010). What are the Consequences of Consequentiality?. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, .

Tobias, J. (2010). Volitility in Agribusiness Oriented Asset Markets: Peeking Through a Bayesian Window. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, .

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Koop, G., Poirier, D.J. and Tobias, J.L. (2007). Bayesian Econometric Methods. Cambridge University Press.

>Book Chapters

D.J. Poirier and J.L. Tobias (2006). Bayesian Econometrics. Palgrave Handbook of Econometrics, Volume 1: Econometric Theory.