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Publications for Maximiano, Sandra
>Forthcoming Publications

Andersen, S., Ertac, S., Gneezy, U., List, J., Maximiano, S. Age, Socialization and gender differences at young age: Evidence from a matrilineal and patriarchal society. Review of Economics and Statistics.

>Journal Articles

Maximiano, S., Sloof, R. and Sonnemans, J. (2013). Gift exchange and the separation of ownership and control. Games and Economic Behavior, vol. 77, 41-60.

Maximiano, S., Sloof, R. & Sonnemans, J. (1997). Gift exchange in a multi-worker firm. Economic Journal, (117), 1025-1050.


Maximiano, S (2007). Essays in organizational Economics. Tinbergen Institute Research Series. vol. 400. ISBN: 905170800.

>Book Chapters

Ertac, S. and Maximiano, S. (2010). Experimental Economics. in Free, R. (Ed.) 21st Century Economics: A Reference Handbook, SAGE Publishers, Thousand Oaks, California.

>Working Papers

Maximiano, S. Measuring reciprocity: Do survey and experimental data correlate?.

Maximiano, S. Does replacing a manager improve performance?.

Andersen, S., Ertac, S., Gneezy, U., List, J., Maximiano, S. On the Cultural Basis of Gender Differences in Negotiation.

Chakravarty, S., Yongjin, M., Maximiano, S. (2010). Lying and friendship.

Matthew H., Karthik, K., Maximiano, S. and Rees, J. Digital Piracy, Teens, and the Source of Advice: An Experimental Study.

Matthew H., Karthik, K., and Maximiano, S. Information Targeting and Coordination: An Experimental Study.

Maximiano, S. On the determinants of workers’ and firms’ willingness to train..