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Publications for Cason, Tim
>Journal Articles

Cason, T. & Zubrickas, R. (2016). Enhancing Fundraising with Refund Bonuses. Games and Economic Behavior, , forthcoming.

Perkis, D., Cason, T. & Tyner, W. (2016). An Experimental Investigation of Hard and Soft Price Ceilings in Emissions Permit Markets. Environmental and Resource Economics, , forthcoming.

Casari, M. & Cason, T. (2016). Common Value Auctions with Voluntary and Qualified Entry. Revue Economique, , forthcoming.

Cason, T. & Gangadharan, L. (2016). Swords without Covenants Do Not Lead to Self-Governance. Journal of Theoretical Politics, vol. 28, 44-73.

Cason, T. & Gangadharan, L. (2015). Promoting Cooperation in Nonlinear Social Dilemmas through Peer Punishment. Experimental Economics, vol. 18, 66-88.

Cason, T. & Mui, V.-L. (2015). Rich Communication, Social Preferences, and Coordinated Resistance against Divide-and Conquer: A Laboratory Investigation. European Journal of Political Economy, vol. 37, 146-159.

Cason, T. & Samek, A. (2015). Learning through Passive Participation in Asset Market Bubbles. Journal of the Economic Science Association, vol. 1, 170-181.

Cason, T. & Mui, V.-L. (2015). Individual versus Group Play in the Repeated Coordinated Resistance Game. Journal of Experimental Political Science, vol. 2, 94-106.

Cason, T. & Plott, C. (2014). Misconceptions and Game Form Recognition: Challenges to Theories of Revealed Preference and Framing. Journal of Political Economy, vol. 122, 1235-1270.

Cason, T., Friedman, D. & Hopkins, E. (2014). Cycles and Instability in a Rock-Paper-Scissors Population Game: A Continuous Time Experiment. Review of Economic Studies, vol. 81, 112-136.

Cason, T. & Mui, V.-L. (2014). Coordinating Collective Resistance through Communication and Repeated Interaction. The Economic Journal, vol. 124, F226-256.

Cason, T., Lau, S.-H.. & Mui, V.-L. (2013). Learning, Teaching, and Turn Taking in the Repeated Assignment Game. Economic Theory, vol. 54, 335-357.

Cason, T. & Gangadharan, L. (2013). Empowering Neighbors versus Imposing Regulations: An Experimental Analysis of Pollution Reduction Schemes. Journal of Environmental Economics & Management, vol. 65, 469-484.

Cason, T. & Gangadharan, L. (2013). Cooperation Spillovers and Price Competition in Experimental Markets. Economic Inquiry, vol. 51, 1715-1730.

Casari, M. & Cason, T. (2013). Explicit versus Implicit Contracts for Dividing the Benefits of Cooperation. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, vol. 61, 20-34.

Cason, T. & Mago, S. (2013). A Laboratory Study of Duopoly Price Competition with Patient Buyers. Economic Inquiry, vol. 51, 1123-1141.

Cason, T., Sheremeta, R. & Zhang, J. (2012). Communication and Efficiency in Competitive Coordination Games. Games and Economic Behavior, vol. 76, 26-43.

Cason, T., Savikhin, A. & Sheremeta, R. (2012). Behavioral Spillovers in Coordination Games. European Economic Review, vol. 56, 233-245.

Cason, T., Gangadharan, L. & Maitra, P. (2012). Moral Hazard and Peer Monitoring in a Laboratory Microfinance Experiment. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, vol. 82, 192-209.

Cason, T., Kannan, K., Siebert, R. (2011). An Experimental Study of Information Revelation Policies in Sequential Auctions. Management Science, vol. 57, 667-688.

Cason, T., Gangadharan, L., Nikiforakis, N. (2011). Can Real-Effort Investments Inhibit the Convergence of Experimental Markets. International Journal of Industrial Organization, vol. 29, 97-103.

Cason, T. & Gangadharan, L. (2011). Price Discovery and Intermediation in Linked Emissions Trading Markets: A Laboratory Study. Ecological Economics, vol. 70, 1424-1433.

Raymond, L. & Cason, T. (2011). Can Affirmative Motivations Improve Compliance in Emissions Trading Programs. Policy Studies Journal, vol. 39, 659-678.

Nishimura, N., Cason, T., Saijo, T. & Ikeda, I. (2011). Spite and Reciprocity in Auctions. Games, vol. 2, 365-411.

Cason, T., Hopkins, E., Friedman, D. (2010). Testing the TASP: An Experimental Investigation of Learning in Games with Unstable Equilibria. Journal of Economic Theory, vol. 145, 2309-2331.

Cason, T., Masters, W., Sheremeta, R. (2010). Entry into Winner-Take-All and Proportional-Prize Contests: An Experimental Study. Journal of Public Economics, vol. 94, 604-611.

Cason, T. & Datta Mago, S. (2010). Costly Buyer Search in Laboratory Markets with Seller Advertising. Journal of Industrial Economics, vol. 58, 424-449.

Cason, T. (2010). What Can Laboratory Experiments Teach Us About Emissions Permit Market Design. Agricultural and Resource Economics Review, vol. 39, 151-161.

Casari, M. & Cason, T (2009). The Strategy Method Lowers Measured Trustworthy Behavior. Economics Letters, vol. 103, 157-159.

Ule, A., Schram, A., Riedl, A. & Cason, T. (2009). Indirect Punishment and Generosity towards Strangers. Science, vol. 326, 1701-1704.

Cason, T. & Noussair, C. (2007). A Market with Frictions in the Matching Process: An Experimental Study. International Economic Review, vol. 48, 665-691.

Cason, T. & Sharma, T. (2007). Recommended Play and Correlated Equilibria: An Experimental Study. Economic Theory, vol. 33, 11-27.

Cason, T. & Mui, V.L. (2007). Communication and Coordination in the Collective Resistance Game. Experimental Economics, vol. 10, 251-267.

Cason, T., & Gangadharan, L. (2006). Emissions Variability in Tradable Permit Markets with Imperfect Enforcement and Banking. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, vol. 61, 199-216.

Cason, T., & Gangadharan, L. (2006). An Experimental Study of Compliance and Leverage in Auditing and Regulatory Enforcement. Economic Inquiry, vol. 44, 352-366.

Cason, T., & Datta, S. (2006). An Experimental Study of Price Dispersion in an Optimal Search Model with Advertising. International Journal of Industrial Organization, vol. 24, 639-665.

Cason, T., Saijo, T., Sjöström, T., & Yamato, T. (2006). Secure Implementation Experiments: Do Strategy-Proof Mechanisms Really Work?. Games and Economic Behavior, vol. 57, 206-235.

Cason, T., Friedman, D., & Wagener, F. (2005). The Dynamics of Price Dispersion, or Edgeworth Variations. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, vol. 29, 801-822.

Cason, T., & Reynolds, S. (2005). Bounded Rationality in Laboratory Bargaining with Asymmetric Information. Economic Theory, vol. 25, 553-574.

Cason, T., & Mui, V. (2005). Uncertainty and Resistance to Reform in Laboratory Participation Games. European Journal of Political Economy, vol. 21, 708-737.

Cason, T., & Gangadharan, L. (2005). A Laboratory Comparison of Uniform and Discriminative Price Auctions for Reducing Non-Point Source Pollution. Land Economics, vol. 81, 51-70.

Cason, T., & Plott, C. (2005). Forced Information Disclosure and Fallacy of Transparency in Markets. Economic Inquiry, vol. 43, 699-714.

Cason, T., Saijo, T., Yamato, T., & Yokotani, K. (2004). Non-Excludable Public Good Experiments. Games and Economic Behavior, vol. 49, 81-102.

Cason, T., & Gangadharan, L. (2004). Auction Design for Voluntary Conservation Programs. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, vol. 86, 1211-1217.

Cason, T., & Friedman, D. (2003). Buyer Search and Price Dispersion: A Laboratory Study. Journal of Economic Theory, vol. 112, 232-260.

Cason, T., & Mui, V. (2003). Testing Political Economy Models of Reform in the Laboratory. American Economic Review Papers & Proceedings, vol. 93, 208-212.

Cason, T., Gangadharan, L., & Duke, C. (2003). A Laboratory Study of Auctions for Reducing Non-Point Source Pollution. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, vol. 46, 446-471.

Cason, T. (2003). Buyer Liability and Voluntary Inspections in International Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading: A Laboratory Study. Environmental and Resource Economics, vol. 25, 101-127.

Cason, T., & Gangadharan, L. (2003). Transaction Costs in Tradable Permit Markets: An Experimental Study of Pollution Market Designs. Journal of Regulatory Economics, vol. 23, 145-165.

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Cason, T., Gangadharan, L., & Duke, C. (2003). Market Power in Tradable Emission Markets: A Laboratory Testbed for Emission Trading in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria. Ecological Economics, vol. 46, 469-491.

Cason, T., & Friedman, D. (2002). A Laboratory Study of Customer Markets. Advances in Economic Anaylsis & Policy, vol. 2 (1), 1.
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Cason, T., & Tenorio, R. (2002). To Spin or Not to Spin? Natural and Laboratory Experiments from The Price Is Right. The Economic Journal, vol. 112, 170-195.

Cason, T., & Gangadharan, L. (2002). Environmental Labeling and Incomplete Consumer Information in Laboratory Markets. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, vol. 43, 113-134.

Cason, T., Saijo, T., & Yamato, T. (2002). Voluntary Participation and Spite in Public Good Provision Experiments: An International Comparison. Experimental Economics, vol. 5, 133-153.

Cason, T., & Mui, V. (2002). Fairness and Sharing in Innovation Games: A Laboratory Study. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, vol. 48, 243-264.

Cason, T., & Sharma, T. (2001). Durable Goods, Coasian Dynamics, and Uncertainty: Theory and Experiments. Journal of Political Economy, vol. 109, 1311-1354.

Cason, T. (2000). The Opportunity for Conspiracy in Asset Markets Organized with Dealer Intermediaries. Review of Financial Studies, vol. 13, 385-416.

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Cason, T., & Friedman, D. (1999). Learning in a Laboratory Market with Random Supply and Demand. Experimental Economics, vol. 2, 77-98.

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Cason, T., & Williams, A. (1990). Competitive Equilibrium Convergence in a Posted-Offer Market with Extreme Earnings Inequities. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, vol. 14, 331-352.


Cason, T., & Noussair, C. (2001). Advances in Experimental Markets. Springer-Verlag.

>Book Chapters

Cason, T., Raymond, L. (2011). Framing Effects in an Emissions Trading Experiment with Voluntary Compliance. Bingley, UK: Research in Experimental Economics, Emerald Group Publishing.

Cason, T. (2008). Price Signaling and 'Cheap Talk' in Laboratory Markets. In C. Plott (Ed.), The Handbook of Experimental Economics Results (164-169). Amsterdam: North-Holland.

Cason, T. (2008). Trading Institutions and Emission Allowances. In The Handbook of Experimental Economic Results (661-668). Amsterdam: North Holland.

Cason, T., & Friedman, D. (2008). A Comparison of Market Institutions. In The Handbook of Experimental Economic Results (264-272). Amsterdam: North-Holland.

Cason, T., Duke, C. & Gangadharan, L. (2008). A Test Bed Experiment for Water and Salinity Rights Trading in Irrigation Regions of the Murray Darling Basin, Australia. In Cherry, T., Kroll, S. & Shogren, J. (Ed.), Experimental Methods, Environmental Economics (77-99). London: Routlege.

Cason, T., & Noussair, C. (2001). The Experimental Study of Market Behavior. In Advances in Experimental Markets (1-14). Berlin: Springer-Verlag.

Cason, T., & Friedman, D. (1999). Customer Search and Market Power: Some Laboratory Evidence. In M. Baye (Ed.), Advances in Applied Microeconomics (71-99). Stamford, CT: JAI Press.
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Cason, T., & Friedman, D. (1999). Price Formation and Exchange in Thin Markets: A Laboratory Comparison of Institutions. In Money, Markets and Method: Essays in Honour of Robert W. Clower (155-179). Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.
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Cason, T., & Arora, S. (1999). A Voluntary Approach to Environmental Regulation: The 33/50 Program. In The RFF Reader in Environmental and Resource Management (97-103). Washington, DC: Resources for the Future.

Cason, T., Elliot, S., & Van Boening, M. (1999). Speculation in Experimental Markets for Emission Permits. In Research in Experimental Economics (93-119). Stamford, CT: JAI Press.

Cason, T., & Friedman, D. (1993). An Empirical Analysis of Price Formation in Double Auction Markets. In The Double Auction Market: Institutions, Theories, and Evidence (253-283). Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley.

>Book Review

Cason, T. 2000. The Alternating Double Auction Market: A Game Theoretic and Experimental Investigation, Sadrieh, A. Reviewed in: Journal of Economics, 71 :84-86, .

>Other Publications

Cason, T., & Noussair, C.. Experimental Markets: Introduction.