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Journal Articles

  • Bax, E. & Kuratti, A. & Mcafee, P. & Romero, J. (2011). Comparing predicted prices in auctions for online advertising. International Journal of Industrial Organization, | Related Website |

Working Papers

  • Marina Agranov, Jacob K. Goeree, Julian Romero, Leeat Yariv What makes voters turn out: the effects of polls and beliefs. | Related Website |
  • Romero, J. The Effect of Hysteresis on Equilibrium Selection in Coordination Games. | Related Website |
  • Myung, N. & Romero, J. Designing experiments with computational testbeds: Effects of convergence speed in coordination games. | Related Website |
  • Romero, J. Finite Automata in Undiscounted Repeated Games with Private Monitoring. | Related Website |
  • Gerardi, D & McConnell, M.A. & Romero, J. & Yariv, L. Get Out the (Costly) Vote: Institutional Design for Greater Participation. | Related Website |
  • Christos A. Ioannou, Julian Romero Strategic Learning With Finite Automata Via The EWA-Lite Model. | Related Website |