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Krannert Executive Forum
Analytical Insight, Global Leaders

Executives' Tentative Outline of Visit

Forum speakers are encouraged to arrive on Purdue’s campus by Thursday evening to enjoy a 6:30 pm dinner hosted by Krannert Faculty and Staff. Transportation while on campus is provided by Krannert.  Events for the Forum activities generally follow the following structure:


8:30 am                  Student breakfast, room review (sound, computer, etc), photo

9:30 am                  Meetings with students and staff, informal engagements and discussions

11:00 am                Quiet time and speech preparation

11:30 am                Krannert Executive Forum (Undergraduates from all colleges)

12:20 pm                Students must exit the classroom

12:30 pm                Lunch with students enrolled in the Forum

1:15 pm                  Forum events end


Additional meetings or events may be planned at your request.