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School of Management Employers Forum

Recruiting Opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities to connect with Krannert students. An updated list of opportunities will be emailed to you closer to the fair date. Call the Krannert Professional Development Center at (765) 494-1688 if you have any questions.

Post Job Opportunities on the CCO (Center for Career Opportunities) Website
Posting your opportunities on CCO is one of the best ways to reach Krannert/Purdue students and alumni. The CCO website is the main recruiting portal and it is accessed by thousands of students every semester. Most of Purdue's career fairs are run through this website which increases student traffic. Even if you prefer students apply on your company website, you can post positions and direct students to your website to apply. There are three different ways to post positions at Purdue.

  • Option #1 – Job Posting for On-Campus Interviews
    To conduct on-campus interviews (beginning week after the fair), contact the CCO (765.494.3981 or hire@purdue.edu) and they will help you select a date and post the position. You will add screening criteria (grad dates, majors, degree level and work authorization) to narrow the list of potential applicants. After the resume submission deadline passes you will review the resumes and invite your top candidates to interview. They will be notified to login and select an interview time.

  • Option #2 – General Job Posting
    These postings are visible to all Purdue students and alumni. You can login to the CCO to view applicants, have their resumes emailed to you or you can direct them to apply on your website. After you login click "Post (non OCR) jobs to Purdue only (free listing)" and enter the posting(s) info. Go to www.cco.purdue.edu/Employers/ to post your position(s).

  • Option #3 - Resume Collection (Job Posting with Screening Criteria)
    * I recommend using this format unless you plan to conduct a pre-select interview schedule during the semester.
    Similar to a general posting but these are more visible to students and you can add screening criteria (grad dates, majors, degree level, work authorization). Students can see these postings by a standard search or by a 1-click button that shows the positions where they meet the criteria. It functions like an on-campus interview schedule (option #1) but it doesn't have a set interview date. If you decide you want to interview any of the applicants, a “Resume Collection” can be converted into an interview schedule and it will function like option #1. To create a "Resume Collection" you need to contact our office (765.494.1688) or the CCO so we can initiate the posting.

  • Complete Job Posting & Resume Collection Information

Krannert Undergrad Coffee Hour
The purpose of the coffee hour is to facilitate an opportunity for recruiters, faculty, and students to interact in a casual atmosphere while opening up future networking connections. The School of Management is continuing the SMEF Coffee Hour every Monday and Thursday morning for the fifth year in a row and we are excited to offer new levels of engagement for our sponsors. You can signup to sponsor the coffee hour when you register for the career fair. This will allow us to showcase our sponsors during the career fair.

Additional Recruiting Events & Opportunities

  • Connect with our Student Organizations. Building a relationship with an organization(s) will serve as a valuable opportunity to work with Krannert's best and most active student leaders. Potential opportunities include but are not limited to: giving a company presentation, sponsoring their activities, case competitions, resume critiques, mock interviews or plant tours. A complete list of organizations and their contact information will be provided in August.
    • Student Organization Contact Information - our updated contact list will be available in January
    • Women in Business Conference: Please join us for our 6th annual Women in Business (WIB) Conference on Saturday, March 7th. This daylong event includes keynote speakers, networking, and panel discussions. This year the focus is on empowerment and confidence of women in the business world. For additional information and sponsorship options visit our website:

Alumni Engagement 

  • MGMT 301: Employer Mock Interview Program

    MGMT 301 brings “professional education to life” through experiential opportunities. Our Mock Interview Program engages students with professionals in a learning environment to practice and enhance skills studied in the classroom.

    • Do you enjoy guiding the professional development of students?
    • Can you give constructive feedback on interviewing skills?

    If you answered “yes” to these questions, we would love to have you as a member of our mock interview team. To participate and receive more complete information, please contact Maureen Huffer Landis, Associate Director--Krannert Professional Development Center, via e-mail (mhuffer@purdue.edu) or telephone (765-494-7445). 

  • MGMT 301: Alumni “Adopt a Team” Program

    Krannert’s MGMT 301: “Professional Career Management” course works to increase the competency of students in the “networking” and “informational interviewing” skill areas. Through the “Alumni ‘Adopt a Team’ Program” student class teams and alumni interact virtually in two informational interview sessions. These sessions can be conducted from your favorite arm chair…in another room…in another country…with a beverage in your hand! Information sessions typically last an hour via Skype or telephone conference call as students ask you questions about your professional career path, market trends in your field, and how you balance work and life demands. In addition, you have opportunities to share your words of wisdom on “if you could do it all again” as well as ask students about their own career planning. To participate in this interactive program and receive more complete information, please contact Maureen Huffer Landis, Associate Director--Krannert Professional Development Center, via e-mail (mhuffer@purdue.edu) or telephone (765-494-7445). 

Krannert Women in Management
Krannert’s Women in Management (WIM) Program is entering its second year.  WIM encourages women to visualize success in whatever way they define it and seeks to provide a powerful learning space that promotes challenge, collaboration, and celebration.  A top priority for WIM is building student-alumni and student-professional connections and providing venues for those connections.  More information about Women in Management can be found at the following address:  www.krannert.purdue.edu/wim.

  • MGMT 390, Women in Management ClassIn Fall 2013, Krannert offered a course called MGMT 390, Women in Management.  The inaugural class of 22 women learned about skills, behaviors and attitudes to “build the career and life you want.”  Teams of two to three students each has an instruction team member as a coach throughout the semester. Through the class, they benefitted from self-assessment and reflection through the Strength-Finders and DISC instruments.  Toward creating their personal plan, students each received a copy of Susan Butler’s “Become the CEO of You, Inc.” They had an opportunity to attend Krannert’s Leadership Speakers Series to practice networking, and eight Purdue alumni shared their career/life stories in the class.  Additionally, the students participated in a “career visualization” project where teams of students interviewed women to learn about their career and life.  During final presentations, the class learned about 10 women’s experiences through the career visualizations.  The class was so successful that we will increase the credit hours from 1 to 2 for Fall 2014.  A team of dedicated faculty and staff serve as the pro bono instruction team, so each team of 2-3 students receives mentoring from the instruction team throughout the class.  $3000 would fund book purchases, Leadership Speakers Series tickets, assessment instrument costs, career visualization support materials or activities, and speaker expenses or company visit opportunities. 

Is your organization looking for graduate program opportunities for your rising leaders? Krannert offers a number of great programs and a few still have space for the fall. The deadline to apply for the MBA, Weekend MBA and MS(HR) programs is May 1st or until the classes fill. More information can be found online at www.krannert.purdue.edu/masters/programs/home.asp or by emailing Emily Warter (ewarter@purdue.edu).