Professional Business Dress for Men

Professional Look 1General Rule:  AVOID EXTREMES AND EXCESSIVENESS


  • Blue, black or gray suit-generally solid or very light stripes
  • Wool or wool blend
  • pressed and clean (hang properly)
  • Jacket should not constrict normal movement
  • Sleeve length should extend to wrist
  • Double breasted perceived as more fashionable
  • Single breasted conservative/ if in doubt, single-breasted


  • Color-white or blue (avoid stripes)
  • Single breasted suit-any collar type
  • Double breasted suit-any collar except button-down
  • Shirt should be clean and pressed
  • Collar loose at neck but not hanging
  • Sleeve length should stick out 1/2 inch with suit jackets on
  • Make sure all buttons are buttoned

Professional Look 2NECKWEAR

  • Depends on the pattern of the suit and shirt
  • Solid suit and shirt - all patterns
  • Striped suit and solid shirt-geometric or muted patterns (no stripes)
  • Glenn plaid suit-uniform geometric or uniform patterns (not plaid)
  • Knot should be clean and tie should be up to collar fully


  • Recommend black plain hosiery with gray/black suits
  • Blue suits - blue socks
  • Patterned hosiery with colors should match colors in tie


  • Black or Cordovan (burgundy)
  • Polish if scuffed
  • Simple lace-up wing tips are generally accepted
  • Recommend you buy good quality leather shoes that are comfortable


  • A requirement
  • Simple belt buckle
  • Color should match shoes