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School of Management Employers Forum

Student Relations Committee

Prashant Bhagavatula

Prashant Bhagavatula
Student Relations Committee Director

Prashant Bhagavatula is a freshman from Singapore, majoring in Supply Chain Management and Finance at the Krannert School of Management, Purdue University. Upon admission into the Krannert School of Management, Prashant was selected to be a part of the Direct Admit program, a learning community for achieving incoming freshmen.

In his first semester at Purdue University, Prashant took inititave to be actively involved on campus with various clubs and activities. He is part of the Students Relations’committee for the School of Management Employers Forum (SMEF). He is also a member of Purdue Roobaroo, a competitive Indian Dance Group. Prashant also takes part in activities organized by the ISS (International Students and Scholars).

In his free time, Prashant enjoys playing tennis, table tennis, and spending adequate time with family and friends. He also takes keen interest in being updated on current affairs and business news.