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RecPass Information

NOTE: Due to a change in how Recpass is supporting on-campus events the only companies using Recpass technology will be their partner companies. We do not have a complete list of companies. We still recommend creating your Recpass account and uploading your resume prior to the fair. It is a quick process and it will save you time during the fair. Refer to the info below for more info about Recpass and how to register.

Confirmed RecPass Companies:

What is RecPass?

Recpass, a QR code-based technology for seamless employer-candidate interaction, creates an electronic format of your résumé to share with employers at the career fair. How does it work?

Recpass Benefits for You:

  • Provides quick and easy data sharing of contact information and résumé with target employers
  • Saves paper, time and money
  • Ensures data and discussion notes are captured enabling faster follow up by employers and preventing lost applications
  • Reduces or eliminates the need to “apply online,” as employers can now upload your documents and résumé directly
  • Reduces data entry time providing more time for more valuable discussion with employers

To attend this year’s event, you need a Recpass QR Code.  The process is easy . . .

  1. Create your profile, upload your resume and register for the career fair at https://recpass.com/purdue-university-2 
  2. Prior to the fair, upload a PDF version of your résumé and complete the rest of your profile that you would like to be visible to the employers

** To avoid long a LONG wait at the fair, complete your Recpass profile (and resume) before the fair**