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Class Schedule - Fall 2014





Class Number 1

27 Aug

Creating our WIM learning space

Today’s Music: “Roar” Katy Perry


Presentation by Lori Stout: “Anyway”

Get to know each other

Introduction of Instruction Team

Safety Briefing

Pick up books

Lean In Become the CEO of You, Inc

Assign: Due August 29: Review the syllabus, bring questions What will you put on the dream board?

Assign: Due September 3 Complete the “Well-being Assessment.”

Assign: DUE September 5. Read from “Lean In.” Chapter 4 Bring questions for small-group conversation

Assign: Due September 10 Read from “CEO of You, Inc.” – Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and pages 87-90 Write a letter to your 2021 self. (See assignment handout in Blackboard)

Class Number 2

29 Aug Establish a personal vision

First, a dream!

Today’s Music: “What a Feeling” Irene Cara

Overview syllabus/goals/course outcomes/expectations

Dream Board Small group discussion:

Krannert’s Nine Fundamentals for Women’s Success.

Pick up book:


Due TODAY: Any questions about the syllabus and expectations for the class

Assign: Due September 3 Complete the “Well-being” Assessment as directed. Print out and bring your completed assessment to class

Class Number 3

3 Sept

Live Authentically

Self-assessment and reflection

Today’s Music: “Speak Life” by Toby Mac

Well-Being: Thrive

Sharlee Lyons, Krannert Director of Personal and Professional Development

Due TODAY: Print out of your completed Well-being Assessment

REMINDER: Due September 5. See class 1 regarding Lean In Chapter 4

Class Number 4

5 Sept

Establish a personal vision

Today’s Music: “Beautiful Boy” By John Lennon, sung by Celine Dion

Discussion Chapter 4 of Lean In

The Career/Life Visualization Assignment Introduction of DISC Assessment Pris Gerde and Sue Niemczyk

Due TODAY: Completed reading and discussion questions for Lean In Chap 4.


September 10 See class number 1 readings and letter to yourself.

Assign: Due September 17: Take the DISC Assessment

CVLP Assignments:

Due October 22, November 12, and December 5 Career Visualization Project: See handout

Class Number 5

10 Sep

Manage your own career

Career Fair Success: Preparation

Today’s Music: Speaker’s Choice

Career Fair Preparation

- Kai Johnson, HR Program Manager, Exact Target - Amber Perkins, Assistant Director, Krannert Professional Development Center

DUE: Letter to yourself (typed)

Class Number 6

12 Sep

Manage your own career Career Fair Success: Practice

Today’s Music: “I’m Gonna Take That Mountain”: Reba McIntire

Career Fair Success: Practice

Role play

Assign: Due September 24

Attend the Career fair on September 18. Complete the career fair worksheet.

Read CEO of You, Inc – Chapter 6. Focus on pages 80-83: Preparing to make a first impressions.

Class Number 7

17 Sep

Live authentically Self-Assessment and Reflection

Today’s Music: “I am Woman” Helen Reddy

DISC Assessment

Pris Gerde and Sue Niemczyk Advisors in Residence Krannert School of Management

DUE: Print out of completed DISC Assessment out

Assign: Due September 19

Read Linda Clement-Holmes Bio. - Learn about Information and Decision Solutions at Procter and Gamble. - Come with questions.

Experience the Career Fair

18 Sep

Visit the SMEF Career Fair

Assign: Complete Career Fair Worksheet

Class Number 8

19 Sep

Find role models and be a role model

Professional’s Experience

Today’s Music: Speaker’s Choice

Linda Clement-Holmes Global Information and Decision Solutions (IDS) Officer, Procter & Gamble

Assign: Due September 26

Complete the Strength-Finders Assessment and bring print out to class

Class Number 9

24 Sep

Communicate Effectively

Making a warm connection in a professional setting.

Due: Career fair worksheet

CEO of You, Inc.: Reading of Chapter 6 completed, focusing on Pages 80-83


25 Sep (5:00)

Gain confidence Making Connections in Professional Situations

Check in with Joy Dietz Near the Purdue “Map”

*Leadership Speakers Series

(Tickets provided by Krannert’s Women in Management Program if you do not have another invitation.)

*Dress Business Professional

Enjoy the evening!

Review prior to event: CEO of You, Inc. Pages 80 – 83.

Assign: Due October 1

*Make connections with individuals at the reception and dinner. Record contacts, along with a general statement about what you learned through your networking and what you learned about networking.

Class Number 10

26 Sep

Live authentically

Self-assessment and Reflection

Today’s Music: “Born this Way” Lady Gaga


Annie Murray Krannert Undergraduate Advisor

Due: Completed Strength-Finder Assessment print out


Answers to self-assessment reflection questions.Due via email Monday, September 29 at noon.

Assign: Due October 3

Make it Happen Model by teams:

Team 1: “Build your team” Chaps 3 and 8

Team 2: “Develop a plan” Chaps 4 and 7

Team 3: “Execute” Chaps 5, 9, 10, 100

Class Number 11

1 Oct

Gain confidence: Find your voice Self-reflection and discussion

Today’s Music: Speaker’s Choice

Assessments: What do they mean for you? Sharlee Lyons Pris Gerde Sue Niemczyk Annie Murray

Rawl 4013

Due in Class: Leadership Speakers Series networking sheet

Assign: Read Dr. Kalish’s bio and come prepared to ask questions.

Class Number 12

3 Oct

Find role models and be a role model

Professional’s Experience

Today’s Music: “I Will Survive” Gloria Gaynor

Where there’s a will, there’s a way: Make a plan, work the plan

Dr. Julia Kalish Interim Associate Dean for Online and Professional Learning Purdue University

REMINDER Assign due October 8:

Make it Happen Model:

Team 1: “Build your team” Chaps 3 and 8

Team 2: “Develop a plan” Chaps 4 and 7

Team 3: “Execute” Chaps 5, 9, 10, 11

Class Number 13

8 Oct

Manage your own career

Make it happen!

Today’s Music: “Make it Happen” Mariah Carey

Become the CEO of You Inc. “Make it Happen Model”

Due in Class:

Make it Happen Model Reading:

Team 1: “Build your team” Chaps 3/8

Team 2: “Develop a plan” Chaps 4/7

Team 3: “Execute” Chaps 5/9/10/11 Discuss in teams and share your summary with the class.

Class Number 14

Oct 10

Today’s Music: Class Choices

Class workday for your Career/Life Visualization Project

Use this day to work together as a team to meet your goals for the Career/Life Visualization Project.

Assign: Make sure you conduct an interview with your Career/Life Visualization participant in time to complete the assignment due on Oct. 17.

Class Number 15

15 Oct

Find role models and be a role model

Professional’s experience

Today’s Music: Speaker’s Choice 

Rusty Rueff Chairman, The GRAMMY Foundation Co-author: Talent Force: A New Manifesto for the Human Side of Business

NOTE: Likely room change 

Class Number 16

17 Oct

Take the right risks: Get out of your comfort zone even if you fail sometimes

Today’s Music: “Anyway”

Adversity and Resilience

DUE: 250-word individual impressions from your career visualization interview.

Reminder: Due November 12, outline for your 90-second career visualization speech

Class Number 17 

22 Oct 

Establish a personal vision

Professional’s experience

Today’s Music:

Advanced Business Degree: Is it right for you? Panel of Master’s and PhD Students

Class Number 18

24 Oct

Find role models and be a role model

Professional’s Experience

Today’s Music:

A Zillion Girls

Dr. Susan B. Butler, Founder The SBB Institute for the Development of Women and The Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence at Purdue

Due: Bring your copy of “Become the CEO of You, Inc.” Prepare at least one question for Ms. Butler.

Assign: Read “Women, Find Your Voice” by Heath, Flynn, and Holt. (Article on-line in Blackboard)

Watch Ted Talk: Amy Cuddy, “Your body language shapes who you are.”

Bring questions.

Class Number 19

29 Oct

Communicate effectively: Show you are a professional in words and actions

Meetings: The Hidden Ladder to Leadership

Today’s Music: “Woman in the Moon” Barbra Streisand

Gain Your Voice in Meetings

Reserved: Rawls 2013 and 3013

Due: Completed reading of “Women, find your voice.” by Heath, Flynn, and Holt Ted Talk: “Your body language shapes who you are.”

Come ready for conversation and practice

Class Number 20

31 Oct

Give back and support forward

Today’s Music:

ISEEK Social Entrepreneurship in India Dr. Alok Chaturvedi Professor of Management

Assign: Due November 5 Read “Work + Home + Community + Self” Bring an object or picture to class from your non-school/work life.

Assign: Due November 7 Read from Lean In: Chapters 7, 8, 9

Class Number 21

5 Nov

Live authentically: Know yourself and be yourself

Today’s Music “Try” -- Colbie Caillat

Balance? Integration? Harmony?

A conversation day. Bring your thoughts to share.

Due: “Work + Home + Community + Self” Bring 2 questions for discussion. Bring an object or picture to class from your non-school/work life

Class Number 22

7 Nov

Find role models and be a role model

Professional Couple’s Experience

Today’s Music: Speakers’ Choice 

At Home Dual-Career Couple’s Experience Melissa Law-Penrose Jared Law-Penrose

DUE: Reading from Lean In Chapter 7, 8, 9

Class Number 23

12 Nov

Today’s Music: Speaker’s choice 
Diversity and Inclusion Understanding biases Guest speaker DUE: Typed outline for 90-second introduction of career/life visualization. Turn this in as a team.

Class Number 24

14 Nov

Cultural awareness begins with respect for every person 
Diversity Dialogs NOTE: Krannert Drawing Room Assignment: Reflection worksheet about your Human Library experience.

Class Number 25

19 Nov

Today’s Music: 
Diversity Dialogs Discussion A conversation day. Bring your thoughts to share. Due: Diversity Dialogs reflection worksheet.

Class Number 26

21 Nov

Find role models and be a role model

Professional’s Experience

Today’s Music: Speaker’s choice 
From College to Career A Young Alumna’s Experience Charisse Williams Business Technology Analyst, Deloitte

Class Number 27

3 Dec

Today’s Music: Speaker’s choice 

Executive presence: What is it and how can you get is? Guest Speaker

Class Number 28

5 Dec

Career Visualization Poster Session and reception 
Career/Life Visualization Day! Krannert Drawing Room Due: Career/Life Visualization with elevator pitch. Enjoy!

Class Number 29

10 Dec 

Career/Life Visualization Reflection Conversation Day: What are your take-aways from the visualization collection?

Class Number 30

12 Dec

Wrap up and Celebration! 

Course Evaluation

Due: Bring your thoughts. Share your ideas.