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Module 5

Active Learning Project (2 credits)

Lead by Mary Pilotte

The Active Learning Projects (ALP) provides opportunities for students to combine prior knowledge and experience with classroom learning and apply it in an active business setting. In contrast to the immersion electives, the ALP client is provided to the student teams and the project focuses on helping a firm diagnose and resolve a critical business problem. The teams are guided by a faculty member to provide the most beneficial hands-on experience possible. Experience in solving problems for clients provides students with insights and new skills to address challenges in their home company.

Meet Dr. Pilotte and learn more about the ALP course.

Change Management (2 credits)

Taught by Matthew Lynall

It is often said that change is one of the great constants of organizations. That has never been more true than in our dynamic business environment. In this course, we consider how managers can address both the people-side and systems-side of implementing change in organizations. Issues considered are selecting the order of change initiatives in organizations, choosing between faster or slower implementation, and considering the implications of top-down versus bottom-up approaches.

Entrepreneurship (2 credits)

Taught by James Davis

This course examines entrepreneurship with a focus on the start-up process for high-growth new ventures. In this context, the unique challenges of starting a firm and managing growth are considered and juxtaposed with running a more established firm. Cases will be used and students may conduct a feasibility analysis of a new venture concept.

Meet Dr. Davis and learn more about this course.

Immersion Elective (1 credit)

Choice of several options:

Brand Management

Taught by James L. Oakley

This course is designed to focus on identifying the key concepts underlying brands and branding. Understanding begins with the idea that even the most skillful marketer cannot make customers buy things that they don't need or want. Hence, this course focuses on issues related to customer behavior and customer decision making, especially as it relates to designing products and services, and developing brands around these solutions to consumer problems. This elective course is designed to build on and apply the conceptual tools obtained in the core marketing management course.

Crisis Management

This course is designed to focus on identifying the key concepts underlying crisis management, beginning with how to be prepared before a crisis hits that can damage your company’s brand or threaten your business. You will learn the keys to building a crisis team and response process based on multiple potential crisis scenarios. The course will also focus on the keys to effective public leadership and communication during a crisis.  You'll learn the importance of effectively using social media and digital platforms as part of strong response protocols.

Study Abroad

Purdue Executive MBA students have the opportunity to travel to and study in Paris, Rome, and/or Madrid with Krannert master's students. Find descriptions of these short-term Study Abroad programs here:

Paris: International Marketing: Dealing with Diversity

Rome: Strategies in Italian Entrepreneurship

Madrid: Business in Spain and the European Union

There are added travel costs when choosing the Study Abroad option.

Please note course offerings and faculty are subject to change.