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EMBA 1999

Todd Grzech

PIC Group

Why did you choose Krannert for your Executive MBA education?
Due to its overall reputation and ranking and the structure of the one or two-week residencies, which allow you to focus on the curriculum and build long-lasting relationships with other members of the class. The residencies allow you to feel a part of the university and to take in more than a weekend Executive MBA would allow.

How did Krannert prepare you for your role as President?
By giving me the tools to review information and ask questions with regard to such information. It provided me the overall basic knowledge and confidence to question items, whether they are financial, organizational, operational, or strategic in nature. 

Was the international component valuable?
Yes, very much so. I traveled to China and learned that although we may operate differently, we all seek the same things. Learning the cultural aspects of how decisions are made was key.

What do you value most about your Executive MBA experience?
It set me on the path for ever increasing knowledge seeking. That is, it made me more inquisitive around specific subject areas. In addition, it provided me with life-long friends and colleagues in business.