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EMBA on the Road

Purdue EMBA on the Road

Even in this age of electronic communication, nothing beats chatting with a person over a cup of coffee or a lunch. The Purdue University EMBA Programs team has embraced this idea by visiting with professionals in the cities where they work/live by going on the road and meeting one-on-one with individuals.

Meet with a member of our team and learn why Purdue is the EMBA choice for busy professionals. It's a great opportunity to discuss your goals and what you would like to gain from an EMBA program. See if a Purdue EMBA is the right choice for you. Contact Executive Director Aldas Kriauciunas at 765-496-1860 or today to set up a meeting.

Live in the Greater Lafayette area? The Executive Education team is always ready to meet with you to discuss our programs! Reach out today.


2016 DATES


October 17-29 China: Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing
October 23-26 New Orleans, LA
October 26 Indianapolis, IN
November 2-3 Southwestern Michigan
November 14-19 San Antonio/Houston/Dallas, TX
November 16-17 St. Pete Beach, FL
December 1 Fort Wayne, IN
December 6-9 Seattle, WA & Vancouver, BC, Canada
December 7 Chicago, IL

2017 DATES


January 18 Indianapolis, IN
January 19-20 Jacksonville, Florida
February 11-18 Vilnius, Lithuania
March 28-30 Louisville, KY/Nashville, TN
March 27-31 California
April 25-27 St. Louis, MO/Central Illinois
April 27 Indianapolis, IN
If you do not see your city listed, please contact us to see what options may be available.