Selected publications for Professor Bradley J. Alge

Journal Articles

Alge, B. J., & Greenberg, J. (2006). An identity-based model of organizational monitoring and control: Integrating privacy and organizational justice.. Research in Personnel and Human Resource Management.

Alge, B. J., Ballinger, G. A., Tangirala, S., & Oakley, J. L. (2005). Information privacy in organizations: Empowering creative and extra-role performance. Journal of Applied Psychology .Click for PDF version

Alge, B. J., Ballinger, G. A., & Green, S. G. (2004). Remote Control: Predictors of Electronic Monitoring Intensity and Secrecy. Personnel Psychology, 57 (2), 377-410. Click for PDF version

Alge, B. J., Wiethoff, C., & Klein, H. J. (2003). When Does the Medium Matter? Knowledge-Building Experiences and Opportunities in Decision Teams. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 91 (1), 26-37.Click for PDF version

Alge, B. & Gresham, M. T. & Heneman, R. L., Fox, J. & McMasters, R. (2002). Measuring Customer Service Orientation Using a Measure of Interpersonal Skills. Journal of Business and Psychology, 16 (3), 467-476.

Alge, B. (2001). Effects of Computer Surveillance on Perceptions of Privacy and Procedural Justice. Journal of Applied Psychology, 86 (4), 797-804.Click for PDF version

Klein, H. J., Wesson, M., Hollenebeck, J., & Alge, B. J. (1999). Goal Commitment and the Goal Setting Process: Conceptual Clarification and Empirical Synthesis. Journal of Applied Psychology, 84 (), 885-896.Click for PDF version

Alge, B. (1997). Review of D. Ulrich's, Human Resource Champions. Human Resource Development Quarterly, 84, 186-190.

Conference Proceedings

Alge, B. J., Ballinger, G. A., Green, S. G., & Till, G. (2002). The Effects of Dependence and Trust on The Decision to Electronically Monitor Subordinates. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings (Abstract) .

Book Chapter

Greenberg, J., & Alge, B. J. (1998). Aggressive Reactions to Workplace Injustice. Dysfunctional Behavior In Organizations: Violent And Deviant Behavior, 1 (), 83-17.     Click for PDF version