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Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulation (SEAS) Exercises

Measured Response 2002 (MR02), MR 03, MR 04: Measured Response simulates a bio-terrorist attack during a major spectator event and the actions of the responders at the local, state, and federal levels. It used over 250,000 artificial agents to model the behavior such as mobility, emotions, and epidemiology of the citizens of United States. Measured Response is one of the first applications of distributed tera-scale computing that runs on two super computers, one at Purdue and the other at Indiana University, linked by i-Light gigabit network.

Senior officials and executives from the following agencies and companies participated: Office of Homeland Security, FBI, CDC, NIH, NSF, Institute for Defense Analyses, Sandia National Laboratory, National Guard, Coast Guard, Indiana Counter Terrorism and Security Council, Indiana State Department of Health, Indiana Department of Transportation, State Emergency Response Agency, Local Police and Fire Chieves, Mayor, Red Cross, IBM, Eli Lilly, Abbott Labs, Intel, and Ford.

August 2001: RecruitSIM: Conducted Strategic Planning Wargame for the Commanding General of US Army Recruiting Command and his Brigade Commanders at Fort Knox, Ky. During this exercise the brigade commanders investigated different recruiting strategies to meet the challenges that they will face in the future when the army transformation process in implemented.

May 2001: Project Neptune: Conducted a war game for US Naval Air Command, NAVAIR Base, Pax River, MD. This exercise highlighted the need for selecting the right e-business model in order to maintain the high level of readiness while dramtically lowering the inventory levels for both peace time and war time scenarios.

January 24, 2000: FirmHandshake: A recruiting and training game to help the US Army to formulate strategy for hiring, training, and retaining soldiers with high mental capability, Washington DC.

December 3, 1999: Acquisition Live Case at U.S. Navy Acquisition Center for Excellence, Washington DC. This exercise enabled the DoD leadership to explore the issues related to e-business.

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