Tim Cason Personal Information

Tim Cason has been married to Renee Cason for over 25 blissful years. Renee and Tim have a daughter Sydney and a son Graham, who are both currently college students.

Here is a linke to the Cason Family Links Page.

No personal web page is complete without links to some favorite sites, which include (for now) some cool 3D Ski Area Trail Maps , as well as a view of current skiing conditions at Utah ski areas.

Here is a video of Tim skiing, on an epic powder day at Snowbird, Utah in February 2013. This is how to ski in powder.

I also like Golf Digest for reviews and comparisons of golf courses, because I like to hack up new courses from time to time. (I ski much better than I golf...you certainly won't see a video of my swing at this site!)

And, of course, a link to the official Chicago Cubs home page.

As you can see below, one of the other things I do in my spare time is run. I've run a few marathons (my best time is 3:35), but I much more frequently run half-marathons because that is more sane. I set my Personal Record of 1:34:30 at the Geist half marathon in May, 2014.

Tim at 15 miles

Here I am feeling good at 15 miles during my first marathon.

Finish 2011 Marathon

Here I am happy to be done with a 3:35 marathon, clearly not feeling as good.

How about this for a crazy idea: Team up with 11 friends to run a relay race for 198 miles from Madison to Milwaukee to Chicago. Our 2014 team "Just Purdue it" did that in 27 hours, 0 minutes, 47 seconds to finish 50th out of 502 teams. Not bad for some professors and Ph.D. students.

Start in MadisonJulian at SunriseFinish in Chicago

A few years ago I teamed up with my competitive-swimmer son Graham in a relay sprint triathlon that was a lot of fun. (I did the last 2 legs, and we finished second among the 13 relay teams!)

Graham triathlonBiking triathlonrun triathlon