Tim Cason Personal Information

Tim Cason has been married to Renee Cason for over 25 blissful years. Renee and Tim have a daughter named Sydney and a son named Graham.

Here is a linke to the Cason Family Links Page.

No personal web page is complete without links to some favorite sites, which include (for now) some cool 3D Ski Area Trail Maps , as well as a view of current skiing conditions at Utah ski areas.

Here is a video of Tim skiing, on an epic powder day at Snowbird, Utah in February 2013. This is how to ski in powder.

I also like Golf Digest for reviews and comparisons of golf courses, because I like to hack up new courses from time to time. (I ski much better than I golf...you certainly won't see a video of my swing at this site!)

And, of course, a link to the official Chicago Cubs home page.

As you can see below, one of the other things I do in my spare time is run. I've run a few marathons (my best time is 3:35), but I much more frequently run half-marathons because that is more sane. I set my Personal Record of 1:35:02 at the Carmel half marathon in April, 2014.

Tim at 15 miles

Here I am feeling good at 15 miles during my first marathon.

Finish 2011 Marathon

Here I am happy to be done with a 3:35 marathon, clearly not feeling as good.

How about this for a crazy idea: Team up with 11 friends to run a relay race for 198 miles from Madison to Milwaukee to Chicago. Our team "Just Purdue it" did that in 28 hours, 11 minutes, finishing third in our division (we got trophies!) and in the top 10% of all teams in our classification. Not bad for some professors and Ph.D. students.

Finish in ChicagoJulian at SunriseTim running in the heat

A few years ago I teamed up with my competitive-swimmer son Graham in a relay sprint triathlon that was a lot of fun. (I did the last 2 legs, and we finished second among the 13 relay teams!)

Graham triathlonBiking triathlonrun triathlon