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This page lists all of my papers since 2002 in reverse chronological order.  Go back to the research page to see them organized thematically, or to find associated datasets.

Working Papers

Forthcoming or Recently Published Articles (Refereed Journals)

Other Writing  (book chapters, non-refereed papers)


Working Papers (submitted)


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Forthcoming or Recently Published


The Wage Effects of Offshoring: Evidence from Danish Matched Worker-Firm Data, forthcoming  American Economic Review (with Rasmus Jorgensen, Jakob Munch, Chong Xiang)

Time as a Trade Barrier, American Economic Review. 103 (2013) 1-27.  (with Georg Schaur)

Trade and the Greenhouse Gas Emissions from International Freight Transport, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 65 (2013) 153-173. (with Anca Cristea, Laura Puzzello, Misak Avetisyan)

Hedging Price Volatility Using Fast Transport, Journal of International Economics 82 (2010) 15-25.

Explaining Import Quality: The Role of the Income Distribution, Journal of International Economics 77 (2009) 265-276.  (with Yo Chul Choi, Chong Xiang)

International Pricing in a Generalized Model of Ideal Variety, Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking  41 (2009) 3-33  (with Vova Lugovskyy)

The Trade Reducing Effects of Market Power in International Shipping, Journal of Development Economics 89 (2009) 84-97.  (with Vova Lugovskyy, Sasha Skiba)

Trade Responses to Geographic Frictions: A Decomposition Using MicroData , European Economic Review 52 (2008) pp. 527-550.  (with Russell Hillberry)

Transportation Costs and International Trade in the Second Era of Globalization (formerly:  Have International Transportation Costs Declined?), Journal of Economic Perspectives  21 (2007)  pp. 131-154.

How Confident can we be in CGE-Based Assessments of Regional Trading Agreements?   Economic Modeling 24 (2007) pp. 611-635.    (w/ Tom Hertel, Maros Ivanic, Roman Keeney),

The Variety and Quality of a Nation's Exports  American Economic Review 95 (2005) 704-723   (with Pete Klenow)

Shipping the Good Apples Out?  An Empirical Confirmation of the Alchian-Allen Conjecture Journal of Political Economy 112 (2004) 1384-1402  (with Sasha Skiba)

Usable Data?  Matched Partner Trade Statistics as a Measure of International Transportation Costs  Review of International Economics, Feburary 2006  (with Vova Lugovskyy)

A Virtuous Circle? Regional Tariff Liberalization and Scale Economies in Transport ( in FTAA and Beyond: Prospects for Integration in the America.  (eds. Estevadeordal, Rodrik, Taylor, Velasco), Harvard University Press. (2004)  (with Alexandre Skiba)

Alternative Hypotheses and the Volume of Trade: Evidence on the Extent of Specialization, Canadian Journal of Economics, 37 (2004).   (with Jon Haveman)

Intra-national Home Bias:  Some Explanations , Review of Economics and Statistics, 85 (2003) 1089-1092   (with Russ Hillberry)


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Other Writing  (Book Chapters)


“Trade Elasticity Parameters for a CGE Model” in Dixon and Jorgenson (eds) Handbook of Computable General Equilibrium Modeling, Elsevier  (with Russell Hillberry)

“Transportation Costs and Adjustments to Trade” in Trade Adjustment Costs in Develping Countries: Impacts, Determinants and Policy Responses, World Bank and Centre for Economic Policy Research, Guido Porto and Bernard M Hoekman, eds. 2010

“Vertical Specialization: Evidence from East Asia 1975-2000” in Input Trade and Production Networks in East Asia, JETRO-IDE and Edward Elgar (with Yoko Uchida)


“Some Evidence on the Nature and Growth of Input Trade”, in Input Trade and Production Networks in East Asia, JETRO-IDE and Edward Elgar (with Laura Puzzello)

"Trends in Asian Trade: Implications for Transport Infrastructure and Trade Costs" in Infrastructure's Role in Lowering Asia's Trade Costs: Building for Trade.  Edward Elgard Publishers 2008.  Douglas H. Brooks and David Hummels, eds.

Calculating Tariff Equivalent for Time in Trade   (lead author for report produced by Nathan Associates for the USAID)




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