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 John J. McConnell - Publications

The Origins and Evolution of the Market for Mortgage Backed Securities

Why Did Auction Rate Bond Auctions Fail During 2007-2008?

Auction Failures and the Market for Auction Rate Securities

Does Board Independence Matter in Companies with a Controlling Shareholder?

Capital Market Imperfections and the Sensitivity of Investment to Stock Prices

Equity Returns at the Turn-of-the-Month

Changes in Insider Ownership and Changes in the Market Value of the Firm

Dominant Shareholders, Corporate Boards and Corporate Value: A Cross-Country Analysis

Board Composition, Corporate Performance, and the Cadbury Committee Recommendation

Political Connections and Corporate Bailouts

The Other January Effect

Outside Directors and Corporate Board Decisions

Predictability of Long-Term Spinoff Returns

S&P 500 Index Additions and Earnings Expectations

International Corporate Governance

Learning from a Keynote Speaker: Lessons from Merton Miller’s PACAP Addresses

The Cadbury Committee, Corporate Performance, and Top Management Turnover

Debt-Reducing Exchange Offers

Do Institutional Investors Exacerbate Managerial Myopia?

A survey of U.S. Corporate Financing Innovations: 1970-1997

Does Insider Trading Really Move Stock Prices?

Earnings Signals in Fixed-Price Dutch Auction Self-Tender Offers

MIPS, QUIPS and TOPrS: Old Wine in New Bottles

Mortgage Prepayment Float: Pricing and Risk Analysis

Equity Carve-outs and Managerial Discretion

To Live or Let Die? An Empirical Analysis of Piecemeal Voluntary Corporate Liquidations

An Analysis of Prices, Bid/Ask Spreads and Bid and Ask Depths Surrounding Ivan Boesky’s Illegal Insider Trading in Carnation’s Stock

Can Takeover Losses Explain Spin-off Gains?

Open-Market Share Repurchase Programs and Bid-Ask Spreads on the NYSE: Implications for Corporate Payout Policy

Equity Ownership and the Two Faces of Debt

Rational Prepayments and the Valuation of Collateralized Mortgage Obligations

The Effect of Market Segmentation and Illiquidity on Asset Prices: Evidence From Exchange Listings

Valuation and Analysis of Collateralized Mortgage Obligations

Seasonalites in NYSE Bid-Ask Spreads and Stock Returns in January

The Origin of LYONs: A Case Study in Financial Innovation

Prepayments and the Valuation of Adjustable Rate Mortgage-Backed Securities

Corporate Performance, Corporate Takeovers, and Management Turnover

Day-of-the-Week Effects in Financial Futures: An Analysis of GNMA, T-Bond, T-Note, and T-Bill Contracts

Additional Evidence on Equity Ownership and Corporate Value

Further Evidence on the Bank Lending Process and the Capital-Market Response to Bank Loan Agreements

Requiem for a Market: An Analysis of the Rise and Fall of Financial Futures Contract

Valuing Mortgage Loan Servicing

LYON Taming

Corporate Capital Expenditure Decisions and the Market Value of the Firm

Valuation of Asset Leasing Contracts

Valuation of GNMA Mortgage-Backed Securities

Valuation of A Mortgage Company’s Servicing Portfolio

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