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Description: V:\WEBSITES\WWW\faculty\mfaccio\defaul1.gif “Politically Connected Private Equity and Employment” (with Hung-Chia “Scott” Hsu), July 2016, forthcoming, Journal of Finance.

-          See a discussion of this paper in the blog launched by the University of Chicago (Stigler Center).

Description: V:\WEBSITES\WWW\faculty\mfaccio\defaul1.gif CEO Gender, Corporate Risk-Taking, and the Efficiency of Capital Allocation (with Maria-Teresa Marchica and Roberto Mura), February 2016, forthcoming, Journal of Corporate Finance.

Description: V:\WEBSITES\WWW\faculty\mfaccio\defaul1.gif Discussion of ‘Corporate Political Connections and Tax Aggressiveness’,Contemporary Accounting Research, Spring 2016, vol. 33(1), 115-120.

Description: V:\WEBSITES\WWW\faculty\mfaccio\defaul1.gif Taxes and capital structure” (with Jin Xu), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, June 2015, vol. 50(3), 277-300.

-       Lead article.

-    William F. Sharpe Award for Scholarship in Financial Research - - Recognizing the best paper in the 2015 Volume of the JFQA.

Description: V:\WEBSITES\WWW\faculty\mfaccio\defaul1.gif Sheltering corporate assets from political extraction” (with Lorenzo Caprio and John J. McConnell), The Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, April 2013, vol. 29(2), 332-354.

- Additional results

Description: V:\WEBSITES\WWW\faculty\mfaccio\defaul1.gif Large shareholder diversification and corporate risk-taking” (with Maria-Teresa Marchica and Roberto Mura), Review of Financial Studies, November 2011, vol. 24(11), 3601-3641.

-       BlackRock/Brennan Award - - Best Paper Runner Up (RFS).

Description: V:\WEBSITES\WWW\faculty\mfaccio\defaul1.gif "The quality of accounting information in politically connected firms" (with Paul K. Chaney and David C. Parsley), Journal of Accounting and Economics, February 2011, vol. 51(1-2), 58-76.

-       Was listed in 2016 # 1 among the Most Cited Journal of Accounting and Economics Articles published since 2011.

Description: V:\WEBSITES\WWW\faculty\mfaccio\defaul1.gif Differences between politically connected and non-connected firms: A cross country analysis”, Financial Management, Autumn 2010, vol. 39(3), 905-927.

-          Listen to a discussion of my findings on political connections on BBC Radio 4, “Thinking allowed” (December 1, 2010).

Description: V:\WEBSITES\WWW\faculty\mfaccio\defaul1.gif “Pyramiding versus leverage in corporate groups: International evidence” (with Larry H. P. Lang (郎咸平), and Leslie Young), Journal of International Business Studies, January 2010, vol. 41, 88-104.

Description: V:\WEBSITES\WWW\faculty\mfaccio\defaul1.gif Government control of privatized firms” (with Bernardo Bortolotti), Review of Financial Studies, August 2009, vol. 22(8): 2907-2939.

    - Lead article.

    - Was a feature story in Il Sole 24 Ore (May 19, 2004; July 17, 2004), Milano Finanza (September 11, 2004), Italia Oggi (September 15, 2004), and Business Line (The Hindu) (October 10, 2006).

Description: V:\WEBSITES\WWW\faculty\mfaccio\defaul1.gif Sudden deaths: Taking stock of geographic ties (with David C. Parsley), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (Cambridge University Press), June 2009, vol. 33(3): 683-718.

Description: V:\WEBSITES\WWW\faculty\mfaccio\defaul1.gifPolitical connections and corporate bailouts” (with John J. McConnell and Ronald W. Masulis), Journal of Finance, vol. 61(6), December 2006, 2597-2635.

- Nominated for the Brattle Prize (best corporate finance paper published in the Journal of Finance).

Description: V:\WEBSITES\WWW\faculty\mfaccio\defaul1.gifExpropriation vs. proportional sharing in corporate acquisitions” (with David Stolin), Journal of Business, vol. 79(3), May 2006, 1413-1444.

Description: V:\WEBSITES\WWW\faculty\mfaccio\defaul1.gifPolitically connected firms, American Economic Review, vol. 96(1), March 2006, 369-386.

- Most cited AER paper of 2006

- Old version with firm-level results; Appendix A; Regulation on conflicts of interest

- The data used in this paper are available on the AER web site!

- Was a feature story in The Economist (November 1, 2003), The Nation (November 3, 2003; November 26, 2003; June 27, 2004), the Business Times (November 3, 2003), Deutsche Presse-Agentur (November 4, 2003), Reuters News (November 4, 2003), Revista da Imprensa Economica (November 6, 2003), the Bangkok Post (November 30, 2003; December 7, 2003), Világgazdaság (February 10, 2004), and the New York Times (April 23, 2006).

Description: V:\WEBSITES\WWW\faculty\mfaccio\defaul1.gifReturns to acquirers of listed and unlisted targets” (with John J. McConnell and David Stolin), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, vol. 41(1), March 2006, 197-220.

Description: V:\WEBSITES\WWW\faculty\mfaccio\defaul1.gifThe choice of payment method in European mergers and acquisitions” (with Ronald W. Masulis), Journal of Finance, vol. 60(3), June 2005, 1345-1388.

Description: V:\WEBSITES\WWW\faculty\mfaccio\defaul1.gifThe ultimate ownership of western European corporations” (with Larry H. P. Lang (郎咸平), Journal of Financial Economics, vol. 65(3), September 2002, 365-395.

- “All Star Paper”

- Most cited JFE paper of 2002

- 14th most cited JFE paper (of all time) based on citations per year

- 40th most cited JFE paper (of all time) based on total citations in published, forthcoming and working papers

- The data used in this paper are available on the JFE web site!

- Was a feature story in Institutional Investor (January 14, 2005).

- Reprinted in Corporate Governance in the New Global Economy, Kevin Keasey, Steve Thompson and Mike Wright (eds), Edward Elgar Publishing, forthcoming; Corporate Governance and Corporate Finance: A European Perspective, Ruud A. I. van Frederikslust, James S. Ang, and Sudi Sudarsanam (eds), Routledge - Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2007; and Governance: An International Perspective, Diane Denis and John McConnell (eds), Edward Elgar Publishing, 2005.

Description: V:\WEBSITES\WWW\faculty\mfaccio\defaul1.gifDividends and expropriation” (with Larry H. P. Lang (郎咸平) and Leslie Young), American Economic Review, vol. 91(1), March 2001, 54-78.

- Was a feature story in the South China Morning Post (September 20, 2000; September 21, 2000; September 22, 2000), International Herald Tribune (November 30, 2000), Handelsblatt (January 22, 2001), The Edge (December 25, 2000), and Today’s Manager Magazine (June-July 2002).

- Reprinted in Governance and Expropriation, Larry Lang (ed), Edward Elgar Publishing, 2005.

Description: V:\WEBSITES\WWW\faculty\mfaccio\defaul1.gifDo occupational pension funds monitor companies in which they hold large stakes?” (with Ameziane M. Lasfer), Journal of Corporate Finance, vol. 6(1), March 2000, 71-110.

- Was a feature story in the Financial Times Business Limited (May 13, 2002).

- Reprinted in Corporate Governance in the New Global Economy, Kevin Keasey, Steve Thompson and Mike Wright (eds), Edward Elgar Publishing, forthcoming; Corporate Governance and Corporate Finance: A European Perspective, Ruud A. I. van Frederikslust, James S. Ang, and Sudi Sudarsanam (eds), Routledge - Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2007; and Governance and Ownership, Robert Watson (ed.), Edward Elgar Publishing, 2005.

Book Chapters and Professional Publications:

Description: V:\WEBSITES\WWW\faculty\mfaccio\defaul1.gif Corporate response to distress: Evidence from the Asian financial crisis” (with Rajdeep Sengupta), Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review, March/April 2011, vol. 93(2), 127-154.

Description: V:\WEBSITES\WWW\faculty\mfaccio\defaul1.gif “Institutional shareholders and corporate governance: The case of UK pension funds” (with Ameziane M. Lasfer), in: Joseph A. McCahery, Piet Moerland, Theo Raaijmakers and Luc Renneboog (eds.), “Convergence and diversity in corporate governance regimes and capital markets”, Oxford University Press, 2002, 603-622.

Description: V:\WEBSITES\WWW\faculty\mfaccio\defaul1.gif“Pension fund investments and corporate monitoring” (with Ameziane M. Lasfer), Professional Investor, vol. 10(2), May 2000, 23-26.

Working Papers:

NEW Political determinants of competition in the mobile telecommunication industry (with Luigi Zingales), January 2017.

Description: V:\WEBSITES\WWW\faculty\mfaccio\defaul1.gif Taxes, capital structure choices, and firm value” (with Jin Xu), November 2016.

Description: V:\WEBSITES\WWW\faculty\mfaccio\defaul1.gif Business Groups and Employment” (with Bill O’Brien), December 2016.

Coming soon… ­Incentive alignment and corporate tax avoidance: Evidence from a natural experiment” (with Yao Lu, Xinzheng Shi, and Dengjin Zheng), December 2016.

Resume: Full text vita in pdf format

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Ownership data on-line:

-             Athens Stock Exchange (Greece)   

-             Australia and New Zealand

-             Brussels Stock Exchange (Belgium)

-             Bucharest Stock Exchange (Romania)

-             Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (Germany

-             Comision Nacional del Mercado de Valores (Spain)

-             Commerzbank (Germany)

-             Consob (Italy)

-             Datex (New Zealand)

-             Digital Look (United Kingdom)

-             East Asia (data used in Claessens, Djankov and Lang, JFE paper)

-             Euronext (Belgium, France, the Netherlands)

-             Helsinki Media Blue Book (Finland)

-             Hemscott (Ireland & the United Kingdom)

-             Hugin (Finland, Sweden, Norway and some other markets)

-             Istanbul Stock Exchange (Turkey)

-             Kazakhstan Stock Exchange                                               

-             Ljubljana Stock Exchange (Slovenia)                                 

-             Oslo Stock Exchange (Norway)

-             Paris Stock Exchange (France)

-             Polish SEC (Poland)

-             Riga Stock Exchange (Latvia)                        

-             Santiago Stock Exchange (Chile)

-             Securities and Exchange Commission (US)

-             Tallinn Stock Exchange (Estonia)

-             Toronto Stock Exchange (Canada)

-             Toyo Keizai Shanposha (Japan)

-             Western Europe (data used in my JFE paper)

-             Very often, the stock exchanges supervisory authorities or the stock exchanges themselves have ownership data and will provide it for free (upon request, of course). Go to the World Federation of Exchanges web page for links to their web pages.

Journals, working papers, etc:

-             American Economic Review

-             Journal of Business

-             Journal of Finance

-             Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

-             Journal of Financial Economics

-             Journal of Political Economy

-             Quarterly Journal of Economics

-             Review of Financial Studies

-             Visit economics, business and management journals’ web sites at Elsevier

-             Visit the worldwide directory of finance faculty at Ohio State

   An excellent source for working papers is the Social Science Research Network


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