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Krannert New Faculty Information

Welcome to the Krannert School of Management!
This page will provide you with important information and web links to assist you in your transition process.

: :

on your office door sign or in published directories, please indicate this information:


I. Employee Information Form

You received the Employee Information Form with your offer letter. If you have not returned this document, please do so as soon as possible. Autumn Goodrum will need your social security number and information from your Employee Information form to process a Request for Privileges and establish your Krannert e-mail account and Username/Password for use on Purdue computers. Her contact information is:

Autumn Goodrum
Director of Financial Affairs Purdue University
Krannert School of Management, Rm 152
403 W. State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2056

(765) 494-4369
Fax: 765-494-4360

Once your Username/Password is provided, you can access your e-mail at

II. Arrival Date

For Fall arrival, it is expected that new faculty will be in place by August 12 and no earlier than July 18.

Please indicate your anticipated arrival date:

III. Office Selection Process

Each spring, our School conducts an office selection process by allowing faculty to select different offices. New faculty members are placed into the queue as signed contracts are received. The web link to view the current office queue is:

You will be informed when it is your turn to select an office as the date specified could change.

You should be able to view the link without a user ID and password.

Visiting Faculty and Limited Term Lecturers: Office assignments are typically made around the end of May through Mid-June. Every effort will be made to locate you as close to colleagues as possible. You will be notified when the office assignment and telephone number have been assigned. This may be shared space.

IV. School of Management Business Office

The School of Management Business Office looks forward to assisting you with purchasing requisitions, payroll questions, travel procedures, and sponsored research budgets and processing.

Please contact Autumn Goodrum,, Director of Financial Affairs, or Traci Jordan,, to set up an appointment to complete your payroll information.

Business Cards
To order business cards: E-mail:

General Questions
Please contact Autumn Goodrum (, Director of Financial Affairs. Also, please use our webpage ( as a resource for your business related questions.

V. Krannert Computing Center

Computing Hardware*:
As part of your offer package from the Economics or Management Department Head, you received an allocation to support your computing needs. This allocation can be further augmented by your STAR (Supplement for Teaching And Research) account. We would like to begin the order process for systems so that we can be prepared for your arrival. Our Krannert Computing Center (KCC) purchasing specialist Lisa Ratliff, ( will assist you in specifying a system for your use subject to University strategic sourcing guidelines. For Windows or Apple based desktop & laptop systems and printers, we have standardized on and obtained aggressive pricing from HP and Dell computers.

Visiting Faculty: A desktop computing system has been allocated for your use. The current desktops are at least Intel dual-core systems running Windows 7 64-bit edition. While our goal is to have a system ready for you upon arrival, our ability to meet that expectation is enhanced by early notification*. If you have specific questions, please send an email message to the Krannert Computing Center Help Desk (

*All orders should be placed as soon as possible. Final delivery depends upon a variety of factors including the degree of customization required, manufacturer supply chain delays for both hardware and software, and the Help Desk task queue which is generally managed as a FIFO process. Please expect as much as a two-week period for the Help Desk to set-up a system per your specifications after it has arrived on campus and been inventoried into the Purdue property accounting system.

The school provides the Operating System, Microsoft Office and antivirus protection standard with all computer purchases. The School also benefits from site licenses for packages such as SAS. Additional specialized software must be ordered and purchased from your STAR account. Lisa can help you secure the necessary software for your systems and alert you to any charges.

Printing: All faculty, staff, and students with a Purdue career account have access to all Krannert printers. There are both monochrome and color printers centrally located throughout all 3 buildings. The availability for printing resources is available 24/7. The school also provides a copy center for copying large jobs and confidential material. Access is limited to regular business hours. The helpdesk staff will work with you to set up the necessary printers to meet your needs.

For general questions, please visit the Krannert Computing Center website at, or contact Jeff Ello, Assoc. Director of Client Services, (, (765) 494-9564.

VI. Vitae / Biographical Information

Faculty and Staff use Katalyst ( to provide their Vitae, Biographical, and Directory Information.

Here are instructions for making profile updates in Katalyst.

If you need help with this, please contact

VII. Textbooks and Course (Case) Packets

Textbook orders are handled through the Textbook Coordinator, Christy Butcher, (765) 494-9700, Please contact her with your requests.
Course or case packets which contain copyrighted materials tailored for a specific course should be requested through Barb Strueh, (765) 494-4454, Please view the Case Packet Guideline Documentation.

VIII. Secretarial Support

Krannert offers two choices. You may want to have secretarial support which is included at no cost. If you decline secretarial support, an additional annual allocation is made to your STAR account. Please read the supporting documentation for this option and refer to offer letter.

Secretarial Support?

For incoming faculty members who do NOT wish to have secretarial support, you may contact Traci Gregory, (765) 496-7227, for assistance in learning about completing documents, travel procedures, etc. She will teach you so you may become self-sufficient in these tasks.

IX. Telephones

A single line speaker phone with caller identification and voicemail will be provided at the School's expense.

X. Parking

If driving to campus you will need to have a parking permit to park in garages or lots. Parking Services to obtain a permit,

XI. Teaching in Rawls Hall

Faculty who will be teaching in Rawls Hall may find the following link helpful while using the equipment provided in each classroom:

XII. STAR (Supplement for Teaching And Research) Policy

The Krannert STAR (Supplement for Teaching and Research) policy can be found at the following link:

XIII. Safety Committee Information

Right to Know Information Response Required - Refer to this link:

Scroll down to School of Management and click on it,

Click on RTK

Enter Test

Link to Safety website:

XIV. Brief Listing of Community Resources

Lafayette/West Lafayette Chamber of Commerce:

The local Journal and Courier newspaper for community information; rentals; homes for sale; employment opportunities; etc.:

WLFI Channel 18:

Purdue University web page:

Patty Jischke Early Care and Education Center at Purdue:
Tippecanoe County Child Care:
Lafayette School Corporation:
Tippecanoe School Corporation:
West Lafayette School Corporation:
Lafayette Catholic Schools:
Lafayette Christian School:
Additional child care and educational institutions are available in this area.

Tippecanoe County government web site:
City of Lafayette web site:
City of West Lafayette web site: