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Diversity and inclusion are at the foundation of Krannert. We are about performance and achievement – not entitlement or exclusivity. Business is a great mediator – you are judged by your dedication to knowledge. Your ability to perceive and implement. The discipline you demonstrate to achieve over time. These are the measures we use to judge. We expect every member of the Krannert community to live within these principles.

Separation does occur here in the terms of Dr. King’s “I have a dream” speech, as in “…the content of your character”. The content of your character at Krannert will be seen in your work ethic, your honesty and your diligence.

The inclusion of all

Inclusion. Not allowance, tolerance or admittance. Inclusion is participation, equity, voice and ownership. It is birthright. It is freedom.

Look at our students, faculty and staff. Every degree and variation of humanity is found here, enrolled, employed, challenged, rewarded and enriched. We live the principles we espouse.

Inclusion is about living and working with anyone and everyone. This ideal is far more important than any class or lesson from a book. Our lives are bigger than any big idea (thx, U2).

The inclusion of all

Not “some.” Not “the ones like me.” All. Everyone. Doesn’t matter what makes you “you.” You are welcome here. Krannert will judge you on your performance. Your classmates will judge you based on your teamwork. Employers will judge you on your accomplishments, your personality and your potential.

We expect you to succeed.

In school. In business. In life.

Welcome to the Krannert family.