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Global Learning Opportunities: FAQs

Does Study Abroad count as a class?

Yes, the study abroad options do count as a class, with the credit hour(s) being determined by the option chosen.  Please see the individual home pages for more information.

How does Study Abroad help me?

Please see the student and alumni testimonials throughout the site.  In addition, we would note that international experience not only broadens you as an individual, the knowledge and experience can be highly desired by some employers. 

Are any of these programs open to undergraduates or non-business majors?

The India internships program is open to both undergraduates and to students in the College of Engineering.  The others are restricted to graduate students in the Krannert School of Management. 

What is covered by the course fees?

The fees generally cover lodging and tuition.  Each program can be different, so please check with the individual programs for full details.  Travel costs are not covered by the course fees. 

Are there scholarships to cover the costs of taking part?

No, scholarships are not available for the study abroad programs. 

Is there any other financial aid that can be sought for the program?

The Purdue Financial Aid office may be able to offer assistance in securing student loans. 

Do I need special insurance to take part?

As part of the registration process, you will be signed up for coverage.  You should also check with your regular provider to determine what, if any, coverage they will provide during your travels. 

Will my cell phone work overseas?

You will need to check with your service provider to determine if your phone will work overseas.  You will also need to check on extra fees, rates, and other expenses related to using voice or data services overseas. 

Will I be able to access the Internet overseas?

In most cases, you will have Internet access in the schools and you may have access at the hotel.  In addition, many restaurants will offer free or inexpensive wifi in Europe, and Internet cafes can often be readily found around the world.  If accepted, please check with the contact person about specific information for your program(s). 

Is a laptop computer required?

While not required, laptop computers are very useful to the travelling student.  You should, however, check to be sure your security features are up to date.  Keep in mind that both hardware and data security challenges differ around the world, and that protecting your laptop and its contents is your responsibility.

Do I need a visa to take part?

Visas are not required for most programs.  Please check with the specific program to determine any special requirements. 

Do I need any immunizations?

Other than childhood and standard vaccinations, extra immunizations are not likely to be required.  It is recommended, however, that you check with your physician to be sure you are up to date on all basic immunizations.  The Centers for Disease Control(LINK) provides information on immunizations required for travelers. 

How long does it take to get a passport?

It is a good idea to allow at least 10 weeks to obtain a passport without paying for expedited service.  Please see the U.S. Department of State(LINK) for more information on U.S. passports. 

How do I learn more about the program?

You can come to the call-outs conducted each fall to learn more and ask questions.  If there are no call-outs scheduled, and these pages don’t have the information you seek, you can contact: 

John Lewandowski
Assistant Director,  GISMA MBA Purdue University
3025 Rawls Hall
100 S. Grant Street
West Lafayette, IN  47905
765-496-6922 – voice
765-494-9841 – FAX

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