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“My India internship not only afforded an opportunity to put into practice my technical skills, but also created an opportunity for me to exercise sometimes elusive softer skills like patience, flexibility, and managing dynamic business conditions. The experience I gained in India will stay with me for a lifetime.” Ernest Wong, MBA 2009

India PhotoThe problems chosen each year for the participating interns are pulled from the challenges facing TVS Motor Company at that time. These real-world issues are similar to those facing any business today, and in the past have included:

  • Effect of financing on sales promotions in one pilot area
  • Mapping of Quality practices not resulting in customer value
  • Consolidation vs. Disaggregated suppy chain – effect on product landed cost
  • Brand positioning in the international market in the face of country-specific firm specific consumer perceptions
  • Development of a cost-based decision support system for new product design
  • Optimize logistics for inbound/outbound transportation
    Integration of the information system with logistics data for better inventory visibility in the supply chain

The projects chosen are not only relevant to TVS Motor Company, but provide the participants the opportunity to perform in a cross-functional team, analyze a specific problem, and resolve it – all within the three-week internship. To do this, the student teams are paired with mentors within the company who provide information, guidance, and suggestions, sometimes starting well before the beginning of the internship.

Students are able to review a general list of project topics that are likely to be included in the internship, then choose their first, second and third choice preferences. From there, their capabilities are reviewed and matched with the capabilities and experiences of other prospective student interns, then as pairs, they are matched to their project taking into consideration their talents and preferences.