Ernie Humphrey

Ernie Humphrey serves as vice president of Proformative, an online community and resource for finance and accounting professionals. (Photo by Della Pacheco)

“Obviously I want to start with Krannert because that’s where I came from,” he says. “I know that a lot of alumni want to give back to Krannert in terms of time and doing other things than contributing money.”

Humphrey is working with the school on developing educational programs for alumni and connecting current students to alumni professionals in their field. “The job market is tough,” he says, “and I’d like to help students and fellow Krannert alumni in managing their job transitions.”

When reflecting on his time as a student nearly two decades ago, Humphrey says Krannert taught him critical thinking skills that have benefited him as a financial professional. What he lacked were soft skills such as networking, how to get along in a team environment, and navigating the politics of corporate life.

“When I went to school, what I learned was more theoretical,” Humphrey says. “Real world success is dependent on the ability to both manage a team and be a good team player.”

Humphrey wants to make sure that graduates get those skills he used to scorn. “I learned the hard way that effective professional networking drives career success,” he says.

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