Twenty-nine percent of our students have discussed “ideas” (not assignments) with their professors outside of class and 43 percent have discussed career plans. Our students exercise more than other students –– 72 percent compared to 60 percent. Eighty-four percent of our students have had an internship, practicum, field experience, or co-op, and the same percentage of students do community volunteer work.

Summing up, here is what students believe Krannert provided them:

All of these are above the University average.

What emerges from this is that Krannert turns out students who are well-trained analytically, have increased their communication skills, have learned how to work in teams, have had contact with their professors outside of the classroom about issues other than just their coursework, have learned to understand and appreciate other ethnic and racial backgrounds, and are physically fit. I’m proud of them, and you should be, too.

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