In addition to coursework, we make great efforts to connect students to the people and resources they will need to be successful entrepreneurs after graduation. We invite practicing entrepreneurs into the classroom and many students have built valuable relationships with business owners, venture capitalists, business and intellectual property attorneys, accountants, marketing experts, and other service providers. Resourceful students can leave Purdue with a rich network of contacts.

Survey data collected from students who complete the program shows that 24 percent report to be involved in a startup venture of some kind at graduation; 82 percent say they are likely to be involved in a startup in the future; and 96 percent believe the skills and knowledge gained through participation will benefit them in their future careers. Our student innovators have been featured on television and radio programs such as “Shark Tank,” “The Big Idea,” and “The Osgood Files.” They are also always well placed in entrepreneurship and product development competitions at Purdue and, more recently, across the country and world.

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program is preparing students for employment in this new economy, where those who can identify opportunities, understand market forces, assemble technical and business expertise, and advocate for their ideas have a great advantage. Purdue has a long history of being a driver of economic development in and we hope to accelerate entrepreneurial activity by adding turbo to students’ careers through interdisciplinary entrepreneurship education.

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