Entrepreneurship Abroad

Krannert recently added another program to its international portfolio through a partnership with French business school EMLYON and Zhejiang University in China called the Global Entrepreneurship Program (GEP).

Launched in 2008, GEP is the first master’s program dedicated to entrepreneurship. The 12-month course is designed to provide entrepreneurial leaders and managers with the tools, knowledge, network and mindset to operate in increasingly global markets.

“In this period of economic uncertainty, it is these individuals that companies need the most,” says Patrice Houdayer, EMLYON’s vice president of graduate programs. GEP gives them the chance to understand three fundamentally different entrepreneurial environments –– North America, Europe and Asia –– and to work together and share a cross-cultural experience.”


Recruited by the three schools from countries on six continents, students began the program this fall on the EMLYON campus in Lyon, France, getting insight into setting up a company from scratch and the European approach to business. In January, they will head to China, where they will focus on family businesses. The last module takes place at Purdue with an examination of what makes for a high-growth company.

Students working in multicultural teams will do a project at each location to develop their entrepreneurial and global teamwork skills and an appreciation for the challenges of establishing a business in each culture.

“We are honored to be a member of the Global Entrepreneurship Program consortium,” says P. Christopher Earley, Krannert dean and James Brooke Henderson Professor of Management. “At Purdue, we take pride in producing analytical thinkers and global leaders, and our approach to management education with a focus on innovation, engineering and science perfectly complements our partner institutions.

“We’re confident that students will leave the program with a tremendous foundation for entrepreneurship through cutting-edge innovation, honed both in the classroom and through experiential learning opportunities.”

Dasha Lyulkovich, a 2011 graduate and founder of a successful start-up, concurs. “The GEP program changes the way you look at things around you, how you assess different markets –– developing, developed or mature –– but also the way you see others,” she says. “It’s the springboard for your own ambitions and dreams.”

For more information on the Global Entrepreneurship Program, go to http://graduate.em-lyon.com/en/Global-Entrepreneurship-Program.