As in Purdue's other student success initiatives, leadership is defined as much more than a position. Leadership skills can be applied both within the context of a leadership position as well as throughout everyday life, in every interaction. The skills can be employed as a contributing member of a group, club, family, organization, company and more.


This year’s inaugural Launching Global Leaders class (MGMT 390) included an improvisation workshop with members of Purdue’s theater department to help students become more confident and authentic in interviews, presentations, career fairs, and networking situations. (Photo by Mark Simons)

In developing the program, Krannert set three criteria to guide educators and students: success at Purdue, initial job market success, and long-term career success.

"The feedback we’ve received from recruiters, which has been consistent for a number of years, is that our students are good at critical and analytical thinking, very quantitative and have a strong work ethic," says Roger Stewart, director of the Krannert Professional Development Center. "At the same, communication and career planning have been areas where we have seen opportunities for improvement.”

Toward that end, the main components of a job search –– résumé writing, interviewing, networking and career goals –– are stressed throughout the program. As a result, students get more than a degree. They are better prepared and better equipped to fulfill their professional goals after graduation.

The leadership model for Krannert master’s students is built on specific competencies essential for career and life success, including trustworthiness and integrity, personal responsibility, professionalism, oral and written communication skills, decision-making, strategic thinking, networking, teamwork, cultural appreciation and adaptability.

Students have the unique opportunity to take an assessment based on these twelve competencies and then, throughout the program, refine these abilities to become a better leader. They also work with a coach to create an individual development plan to increase their self-awareness and competency, as well as a personal portfolio that displays and articulates their accomplishments and career strategy.

“Our Launching Global Leaders program enables students to verify competencies and skills that aren’t necessarily obvious on a college transcript or resume,” Earley says. “For example, students can confirm they have developed cultural intelligence or team-building expertise through course work, study abroad experience, student organization involvement and volunteer activities.”

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