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Experiential Learning Initiative

Launched in 2009, the Experiential Learning Initiative – now commonly known as ELI – originally provided an opportunity for teams of second year management students to undertake semester long consulting projects for corporate clients. The initiative has been a great success for both the students and for their client organizations. Since then, ELI has reached out to Purdue’s graduate students in engineering, science, and technology by offering truly interdisciplinaryprojects. Management students have had the opportunity to work with students in agriculture, engineering, pharmacy, aviation technology, ecological sciences, and communications to deliver solutions that reflect the depth and breadth of Purdue’s outstanding academic programs.

Cross-Functional Projects

ELI’s cross-functional projects are designed for a team of 4-5 management students with diverse skills and backgrounds. Typically, the presented problem will require an enterprise perspective requiring a diverse team of students to apply and integrate their knowledge and skills in marketing, operations, finance and accounting, human resources, business analytics, and information systems.

Interdisciplinary Projects

The ELI interdisciplinary projects bring together students from different colleges and schools across Purdue to address their client’s business and technology issues in truly multi-disciplinary teams. Strategizing and problem solving with students from other disciplines is a richly rewarding experience for both the students and the fortunate clients who are able to benefit from all that Purdue has to offer.

Students at the Great Wall of China

Functionally Focused Projects

Sometimes developing new functional expertise can be done more effectively in the field than in the classroom. Many courses incorporate live projects with companies and there are also ELI projects with a specific focus, such as marketing, operations, accounting, MIS, or organizational behavior, which enable students to strengthen their functional specializations through application.

International and West Coast Projects

Taking advantage of the opportunity to travel during the March break and the period between final exams and the start of summer internships or full-time employment, students can undertake consulting projects for clients based in international locations and with technology companies on the West Coast. These projects leverage Purdue’s reputation for developing global leaders and as one of the world’s most respected science and engineering universities.

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