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Purdue Master's

Full-time Placement Statistics - MBA Class of 2015

Base Salary and Hiring Bonus

81% Employment rate
91% (3 yr. average) Domestic Employment rate

Measurement Average Median
All graduates 92,546 94,500
Hiring Bonus 16,622 15,000
Permanent Work Authorization 91,024 94,000
Non-Permanent Work Authorization 96,410 100,000

Less than 1 Year Experience 76,566 74,698
1 to 3 Years Experience 89,375 80,000
3 to 5 Years Experience 97,912 100,003
More than 5 Years Experience 103,457 104,700

Consulting 96,175 95,000
Finance/Accounting 88,400 89,000
General Management/Strategy 101,833 103,500
Information Technology 97,644 104,000
Marketing/Sales 94,750 95,000
Operations 92,588 97,500

Functional Summary

Area Percentage of class
Consulting 16%
Finance/Accounting 13%
General Management/Strategy 6%
Information Technology 7%
Marketing/Sales 11%
Operations 40%

Industry Summary

Industry Percentage of class
Consulting 15%
Consumer Products 16%
Financial Services 9%
Manufacturing 35%
Petroleum/Energy 4%
Pharma/Bio Tech/Healthcare 5%
Technology 15%
Other 1%

Major Employers for 2015

A.T. Kearney
Bain & Company
Bank of America
Cisco Systems
Cognizant Business Consulting
Eli Lilly
General Electric
General Motors Corporation
Infosys Consulting
Ingersoll Rand
McKinsey & Company
Procter & Gamble
SC Johnson
Target Corporation
United Technologies Corporation

The Krannert Professional Development Center is pleased to present these employment results for Krannert's 2-year, residential MBA program. Employment results vary from year to year depending on national, regional, and industry-specific economic conditions, as well as student demographics. These results are for the Class of 2015 only and do not necessarily represent results in other years, past or future. These results were calculated in compliance with the reporting Standards of the MBA Career Services Council.

The Job-Seeking Class is the denominator for employment statistics. This is how we calculate the Job-Seeking Class in accord with the Standards.

Total Graduating MBA Class Less: Students not seeking employment (sponsored, already employed, continuing education, postponed search, starting new business as owner or co-owner) and/or students for whom no information is available. This equals: Job-Seeking Class