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Full-Time MBA | Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Concentration

The Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship (TIE) Option Area includes the topics of technology planning, new product management, patents, capitalization, venture formation, business concept validation, commercialization, market assessment, and product planning. Technology is broadly interpreted, and a multidisciplinary perspective is emphasized.

We Are Entrepreneurship at Purdue. Learn how faculty, students, and staff are involved with entrepreneurship at Purdue.

Career Focus

The TIE concentration or option is designed for students seeking positions in the area of business development, product development, and innovation management. The program also will particularly appeal to students interested in technology-intensive organizations and entrepreneurial ventures.

Suggested Plan of Study

Students should take 10 hours of coursework courses to develop a strong background in the concentration. They are encouraged to take the recommended foundation courses and at least three electives courses from the below list.

I. Recommended Foundation Courses

  • MGMT 59000: Seminar in Technology Realization Topics I
  • MGMT 59000: Seminar in Technology Realization Topics II

II. Elective Courses

  • MGMT 52000: Pricing Strategy and Analysis
  • MGMT 52100: Brand Management
  • MGMT 52200: New Product Design
  • MGMT 56000: Manufacturing Planning and Control
  • MGMT 56200: Project Management
  • MGMT 56400: Management of Service Operations
  • MGMT 57200: Six Sigma and Total Quality Management
  • MGMT 62300: Business Marketing
  • MGMT 64400: Venture Capital and Investment Banking
  • MGMT 64500: Merger, Acquisition, and Corporate Control
  • MGMT 65200: Management of New and Small Firms
  • MGMT 65500: Competitive Strategy
  • MGMT 69000: Management Projects