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Advice to Future Students

SarahAs a second year MS Human Resource Management (MSHRM) student, Sarah Connolly is wrapping up her time as a graduate student at Krannert. Sarah hopes to work in a human resources role within a university where she would be able to work with students and have a direct impact on their lives every day.

In reflecting on her time at Krannert, she had some advice to share with future students.

  • Stay positive during tough times. Keep in mind, if you have been accepted into the program, there is a reason for it. The admissions team saw something in you that indicated you could excel in the program. You will face challenges, but you are capable of succeeding.
  • Take full advantage of the family atmosphere and strong support network within Krannert.  Although there is competition within the program, everyone pushes toward success together.  Faculty and peers are always willing to help.

  • Make the most of student organization and club experiences. Clubs not only help you make long-lasting friendships, but they also help you to form professional relationships and networks. Clubs also give you the opportunity to get to know students who are not part of your program or that you might not otherwise have much of an opportunity to interact with.

  • When you are looking for jobs or internships, do not compare your search experience with your peers. Do not worry if others have their plans before you have figured out what you will be doing. It creates unnecessary stress. Just focus on your search.

  • Do use the network, Krannert Professional Development Center and support system around you. Do not be afraid to ask those around you to reach out to other networks to help you make more connections and expand your potential for opportunities. Remember, discussions lead to interviews. Put yourself out there.

  • Use the first challenges of the first module to prepare you for what lies ahead.  Stay dedicated because the work you put in your first module will pay off in the long run. Building good work habits early on will lay a foundation for success.

  • Take advantage of out of class opportunities. Krannert offers a lot of opportunities for professional and personal development. One of many examples are City Treks, which offer a great opportunity for students to see the inner workings of prominent companies in different cities. Study abroad opportunities also give you a great chance to expand your professional network while learning how to do buisness in other cultures. The yearly Germany study abroad opportunity was an excellent way to make new friends while getting global business experience.

  • If you are coming into Krannert from a non-management background, use your unique experiences to your advantage. I was not in management before coming to Krannert.  I found that I brought unique ideas and perspectives to the table that helped diversify the group experience. Instead of worrying about your lack of business experience, use your background knowledge and expertise as a strength.