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The Ins and Outs of an Internship in International Business

Walking into a new position is a nerve-wracking experience. You may not know exactly what you will be doing or who you will be working with, and you probably will not have a firm grasp of the company culture. Internships are a great opportunity for professionals to learn about an organization and the culture found within the company in order to decide if they would like to work full-time for that company at some point. Conversely, an internship is also a chance for companies to decide if they could see the intern working in a full-time capacity. Because of this, I am choosing to treat every day at my own summer internship like an interview.Andrea Puterbaugh

This summer I have been working for Hormel Foods and learning so much about the company. During the initial search, I was looking for an internship that would go beyond the traditional 2-month experience, and I have definitely found what I was looking for at Hormel. The fact that the projects I am working on will be implemented by the company is motivation enough for me to put forth my best work every day.

I knew I would be working hard from the beginning when one of my interviewers mentioned, “If you don’t want to work hard and learn a lot, then this is not the right internship for you.” Obviously I wanted to learn and I wanted to work hard, so I was excited when I received my offer.

"I treat every day at my internship like an interview."

One of the most exciting aspects of my internship is the fact that I am working in Hormel Foods' International Division, which gives me some insight into the company’s global operations. This is an exciting and invaluable opportunity for me to develop a greater understanding of how global business is conducted and pinpoint the challenges which present themselves in an international business setting. Because I am in Marketing, I work with various international brand managers in my department, which means that I learn a little bit about the various Hormel brands sold internationally. This is especially intriguing to me, as it gives me the opportunity to not only learn more about the company, but also the various cultures represented and how the brand translates on a global level.


I’ve grown significantly through my Krannert MBA experience, and this internship is a valuable component of my personal and professional development. It’s been an amazing opportunity of discovery, and I look forward to where the journey takes me.

Andrea Puterbaugh
2nd year MBA