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Winning Case by Case: The Krannert Quad Strikes Again

Stamina4 Purdue Krannert WinnersFocused and prepared were two words 1st year MBA student Isabel Castro used to describe what she was feeling moments before her team’s long awaited presentation.

When asked what the ‘secret ingredient’ was for their recent win 2 weeks ago against IU in the STAMINA4 Second Round Case Competition, winners Isabel Castro, Christian Bencid, Christine Rasquinha and David Page credit their success to hard work and an undeniable sense of team comradery and chemistry.

I was tired [from competing in the previous day’s SHRM Case Competition] and nervous before we entered the room, but the moment the competition started, we were determined to win.” – Christian Bencid

If you haven’t already met the famous Krannert quad, you can easily identify them by their contagious competitive spirit, or perhaps their recent streak of case competition wins and placements.

Behind the gleaming faces and large cardboard check, there were also late nights of research and major behind-the-scenes efforts involved.

Weeks before the competition, the team started preparing by attending workshops and training sessions provided by LCS, Krannert’s Leadership Communication Studio. They got together to create models that would help them analyze any case in a short period of time. They even missed out on holiday festivities due to their desire to succeed.

 “As MBA students, we had busy weeks already, but none of us enjoyed Halloween this year.”- Isabel Castro

For this competition, the team was researching how an elite high school in Indiana, Indiana Academy, could showcase its unique value to the state with the hopes that the government would increase their funding. Through a series of mulling over data points, cross analyzing the demographic distribution between State and Indiana Academy student population and addressing key opportunities to utilize the alumni network, the team was able to secure first place.

 Even after the win, the team firmly believed that the experience itself was the true prize. Keeping up the Purdue reputation and making lasting memories were some other factors.

"We all wanted to represent our school and showcase why we loved Purdue and our team. Throughout the competition and training, we pushed each other to do our best in everything." – Christine Rasquinha

 With such a great track record of success, we look forward to seeing what this team does next.