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Health Sciences Pre-Professional

The Health Sciences Pre-Professional/MBA Combined Degree Program offers students in Pre-Professional programs in the College of Health and Human Sciences to enrich their studies while also expediting their coursework. The students selected for the program will be top performers who have already proven their ability to succeed inside and outside the classroom. While pursuing their undergraduate degree, students will develop in-depth knowledge about the science and ethics for their health-care profession. They will then be able to complement those skills with management knowledge provided by the MBA. The two degrees will open new job opportunities for them and launch them into high-level management positions in their careers.    

Requirements to apply to the Health Sciences Pre-Professional/MBA Combined Degree Program

  • Student in Rawls HallCompletion of 102 credit hours of coursework by the end of their junior year, including the required major courses identified in the plan of study
  • Minimum 3.7 GPA (3.5 GPA with strong leadership and internship experience will be considered)
  • Completion of at least one professional internship
  • Demonstration of leadership potential through extra-curricular activities
  • Prior to applying students are required to meet with Rosie Ricci, Academic Advisor
Students are also required to schedule a meeting with the Purdue MBA and Master's Programs Admissions Office to determine their readiness to enter master-level coursework and review credit hour requirements. After meeting, students will be counseled by staff with recommendations about the potential viability of their application. Students who are encouraged to apply will complete the Graduate School application during their junior year. Health Sciences Pre-Professional students entering the MBA program will be required to take 60 credit hours of master’s level courses once they enter the MBA program; any master’s level courses completed prior to their enrollment in the MBA program cannot be used to meet requirements of the MBA.