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Purdue Master's

Global Entrepreneurship

The Global Entrepreneurship Program(GEP) is a worldwide, yearlong course of study beginning in August. This extraordinarily international opportunity is provided by the partnership developed this year by Purdue University, EMLYON Business School, and Zhejiang University.

Through our global partnership, the GEP program is conducted at all three campuses. GEP students begin their studies in the fall semester at EMYLON Business School in Lyon, France. Students then travel to Group of Students At Emlyon University Zhejiang University in Hangzhao, China for the spring semester. Students complete the program at Purdue University during the summer semester, and graduate with a Master of Science degree with a specialization in Global Entrepreneurship from Purdue University.

Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management continues to foster innovation in business education. As a global leader in many disciplines, Krannert is consistently ranked in the top 20 of many U.S. and International publications. EMLYON Business School is devoted to lifelong learning for entrepreneurial and international management. EMYLON provides innovative education based in both theory and day-to-day company management, using real-world exposure to develop students’ international perspective. Over the past 30 years, Zhejiang University has built a reputation as a university for the advancement of innovation and entrepreneurship in China, and continues to develop academic partnerships around the world.

In addition to recruiting applicants from a business background, we are also focused on recruiting heavily from the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields. Work experience is not required as part of the application process. An inquisitive nature, entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to make your mark on the global market are some of the core aspects we seek in recruiting each year’s class. Considering Purdue’s already strong reputation as a STEM focused institution and an incubator of cutting edge business ideas, Purdue’s goal in the GEP program is focused on creating future global business leaders.

EMYLON, Zhejiang University and Purdue all share the same global mindset and embodiment of the spirit of entrepreneurship. Ranked among the top business programs in the world by Forbes, The Economist, BusinessWeek, and Expansión, the Global Entrepreneurship Program merges three continents and three business schools into one focus; launching global entrepreneurs.

GEP Fact Sheet