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Krannert Launch – MBA, MSIA, and MSHRM Students

2014 Krannert Launch Orientation - August 11-22, 2014Two Female Students talking to each other

All MBA, MSIA, and MSHRM students are required to participate in the two-week Krannert Launch designed specifically for the needs of your program.

During the first week of Krannert Launch, you will participate in sessions that will orient you to life at Purdue, prepare you for success in the classroom, and enhance your leadership skills. Some activities include:

  • Building Relationships of Trust
  • DISC Analysis and Team Dynamics
  • Understanding the Case Method Workshop
  • Academic Success through Course Introduction and Library Resources
  • Day of Service and Servant Leadership

The second week of Krannert Launch, you will participate in informational and interactive sessions that will deepen your understanding of the career search process and allow for you to practice interviewing and networking skills. You will receive helpful feedback from your Career Coach and Mentors that can be immediately implemented in the job search process. Events will include:

  • What to Expect - Perspective from the Mentors
  • Professional Etiquette Workshops
  • Mock Career Fair
  • Club and Organization Fair
  • Transitioning from Career to Classroom

Krannert Launch orientation schedule for MBA, MSIA, and MSHRM students - coming soon!

If you have any questions about Krannert Launch, please contact kranmsh@purdue.edu.