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Interested in being a freshman mentee? Please click on the Mentee link in the menu to the right

Interested in applying to be a mentor? 

When completing the application, be prepared to answer the following questions:

  1. Please list student activities and/or clubs in which you belong or have participated in during your time at Purdue (case competitions, extracurricular activities, positions held, study abroad, etc.).
  2. Why do you believe mentoring is important to incoming Krannert Freshmen?
  3. What do you feel a mentor should be expected to do?
  4. What tip(s) would you give to Krannert's incoming freshmen students?

Interested in applying to be a mentee?

Mentee applications are typically accepted between mid-June to mid-Aug each year. Be prepared to answer the following three questions before completing the online application:

  1. What motivated you to apply to Krannert's peer mentoring program (KMP)?
  2. How do you think you would benefit from Krannert's mentoring program (KMP)?
  3. List three goals you would like to achieve through Krannert's mentoring program. 
“Krannert is a good place to learn business in theory and in practice. But learning how to grow up and be ready to step into society can’t be achieved by giving exams. The power that mentors can bring will be extremely valuable to Krannert.”  ~ Xintong  Li

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