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KMP 2015 Mentors

Zorawar Kohli
Actuarial Science and Applied Statistics

Hometown: New York City, New York

Major(s): Actuarial Science and Applied Statistics

Minor(s) and Concentration(s): Management and Economics

Clubs and Involvement: 

  • Purdue Global China Connection (G.C.C)
  • Purdue Actuary Club
  • Investment Club of Purdue University
  • Purdue Accounting Association (PAA)
  • Krannert S.M.E.F Career Fair Host
  • Boiler Gold Rush (Freshmen orientation program) - Team Leader
  • Intramural basketball
  • Intramural volleyball
  • Photography club
  • Cooking club
  • Boxing Club
  • Purdue Skiing club
  • Recreational sailing club

Top Tip to Mentees: 

  • Come into Krannert and Purdue with a clear focus and 4-5 year plan about what your want from the future and what steps you will take to get there.
  • Do your best in every class and always come to older students for help or your TA's and professor's office hours, they are really helpful and they sometimes teach you more in Office hours than in class.
  • Be a part of a team or teams as jobs really look for team-based candidates so make sure you are a team player!
  • Join as many extra curricular as you can handle.
  • Take upon 1-2 leadership positions in these activities.
  • Never give up and always try to find a solution to circumvent problems.
  • And lastly, smile because smiling brings forth good feelings in your which infuses positive energy which infused confidence which in turn helps you become more happy which sets you up for success!