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Purdue Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV)

  • The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV) was founded at Syracuse in 2007. The concept is to provide world-class training in entrepreneurship and small –business management to post-9/11 veterans with service-connected disabilities, without any cost to the veterans. There are now eight universities that offer the EBV: Purdue, Syracuse, Cornell, Connecticut, Florida State, LSU, Texas A&M and UCLA.

  • More than 760 veterans have completed EBV training; in 2009, the Department of the Army named the EBV as a national “best practice” for programs serving soldiers and their families. Students are accepted into the program based on the quality of their passion for entrepreneurship.

  • Syracuse manages the application process, recruiting post-9/11 veterans with proof of service related disability.

  • The program is conducted in three phases: a self-study session in which veterans complete courses through online discussions moderated by university faculty; an intensive, nine-day on-campus residency session where veterans learn to develop their own business concepts and understand the basic elements of small business management; and a 12-month technical assistance program during which graduates have ongoing support and mentorship.

Phase 1: Participants begin with a self-study session in which they complete courses through online discussions moderated by Dr. Elaine Mosakowski, the EBV academic director.
Phase 2: Residency from October 31-November 8
Phase 3: 12-month mentorship

  • This year, the Purdue residency begins with a celebration in Indianapolis at the Indiana War Memorial Museum and ends in West Lafayette with our commencement ceremony following Purdue’s Military Appreciation Day. The bootcamp integrates faculty, entrepreneurs, disability experts and business professionals. Veterans receive instruction on topics such as feasibility and market analysis, supply chain management, financing and more.

  • MBA and other Purdue students get involved in the program. We anticipate over 200 student volunteers will work with the veterans this year to help them start a venture. These student volunteers, along with Purdue alumni and business leaders, work with the veterans during their on-line program, during the bootcamp and afterward as mentors. Important components of Purdue’s EBV are generating awareness in our community about veterans’ challenges and encouraging experiential learning about entrepreneurship.

  • The 2013 Purdue class featured 27 veterans from 16 different states.

  • Purdue has 104 EBV graduates.

  • In 2012, nine (out of 26) 2013 EBV Graduates were awarded National EBV Grants and 35% had legal entities filed within 180 days following the Purdue EBV Graduation.

Lt. Col. Craig A. Triscari, USA (Ret.) comments on the program:
“The EBV program provided real-world connections and opportunities in which to engage. These connections included business mentors, educational mentors, and general business connections. It felt more like the program would be after the formal education ended at Purdue University. It felt real unlike just a slide presentation.”

National EBV facts as of January 2014:

56% have launched a new venture within six months of completing the program
over 1000 new jobs created

Melissa Ann Evens
Director, Military and Veterans Affairs
Social Responsibility
Krannert School of Management
765-494-4392 office/765-430-1304 cell