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EBV Graduate Resources

The EBV provides its alumni with support past graduation to ensure a successful future for the veterans.

The Technical Assistance Program (TAP)

The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV) TAP program helps EBV graduates realize and accomplish their professional and personal goals. Following the veterans' graduation from the residency portion of the EBV program, the EBV schools stay engaged with the students in technical assistance roles. As such, we created the technical assistance program comprised of professors, entrepreneurs, and other individuals who are willing to share their expertise in the different facets of business and entrepreneurship. 

Add your Business Profile to our EBV website!

The goal of the EBV program is to provide our veterans with the training, professional networks, and support required to successfully launch and grow a business. EBV graduates represent a diverse group who share in common not only service to our country, but also dreams of entrepreneurial success. Today many of our EBV graduates are proud business owners, founding companies in industries ranging from construction, printing, photography and filmmaking, real estate, retail sales, consulting, graphic arts and design, motivational speaking, and event planning. These veterans have created "their own job" in the most American way possible - through entrepreneurship.

We want to do everything we can to help our graduates get their businesses up and running. You'll learn that marketing is key in a succesful business. Thus, we offer room on our website to showcase each of our alumni's business profiles. 

Please note: We will be updating the site in real time as the business profile applications are submitted and reviewed. Please be sure to revisit our site for updated business profiles as we will be continually updating this portion of our site. Thank you!