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New Direct Admit program attracts top high school students to Krannert

Madison Schmid, Direct Admit studentKrannert’s new Direct Admit program for incoming freshmen is another reason top high school students are choosing Purdue.

Direct Admit students have unique social events, professional workshops, accelerated classes and live in communities with others who share their major. "As a Direct Admit you will be in class with other high-ability students.  You will interact with classmates who strive to do their best and motivate you to do yours," says Nanci Forney, assistant director of recruitment.

The sudden change of being on your own at college can be unsettling for new students, even with the help of orientation programs like Boiler Gold Rush, or BGR. “For me, personally, it was kind of scary at BGR. I didn’t know anybody,” says Matt Bauke, a Direct Admit student and management major.

But the Direct Admit Program and Learning Communities allow students to make social connections in addition to study buddies. “It allows you to meet people in your own major. You’re networking as soon as you get here,” Matt says. “One of my best friends, he’s in my Learning Community, he and I pledged the same fraternity.”

Strategic Thinking and Decision Making is one of the courses open just to Direct Admit students. “I think it’s been a really cool class for me,” Matt says. “It’s really opened my eyes as to what’s going on in the whole world. My class only has 19 people in it, so you get a lot of discussion, interaction.”

Direct Admit student Madison Schmid, pictured above, also has been inspired by the course, which focuses on global current events. Madison, a double major in management and economics, will travel to Taiwan during Spring Break this year for her first college study abroad experience. “I don’t know many kids my age who are even thinking about studying abroad this year or next year.”

Debbi Bearden, coordinator of Management Honors and Direct Admit Programs, is there to guide students through the program and the first year at Purdue. “Debbi, obviously, has been amazing,” Madison says. “Especially with her help, I’ve started to plan my study abroad trips and my semesters.”

Madison appreciates the tools she’s been given to achieve success at Purdue. “From the very beginning they had a plan,” she says. “Here’s our plan. Here’s what you’re going to do. Here’s how we’re going to make you the best student you can be. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I went to any other school.”

Students qualify for the Direct Admit program if they score 1220 on the SAT, 27 on the ACT and have an unweighted core GPA of 3.5 or higher. In its first year, the program includes 45 female students and 40 males, of which 40 are from Indiana. The program includes 31 out-of-state students and 14 international students.

For additional information about the Direct Admit Program or scheduling a campus visit, call 765 494-1688, or email gklutzke@purdue.edu.