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Krannert People

Krannert People

Katie Schultz
Katie Schultz
PhD Student, Economics
Federal Way, Washington

What led you to pursue a doctorate?
"I decided to pursue a doctorate in order to teach economics at a university in the future."

What do you like most about the Krannert School and Purdue?
"Purdue and the Krannert School are very focuses on giving doctoral students the opportunity to succeed in both teaching and research."

How would you describe the quality of living in West Lafayette?
"The cost of living is lower in West Lafayette, and being a college town it offers the opportunity to attend Big Ten sporting events."

What kinds of research opportunities have you had at the Krannert School?
"I have had opportunities to work with faculty on research projects as well as conduct my own research."

How would you describe the Krannert faculty?
"The faculty I have interacted with are great resources in getting ready for your future career in economics."

Away from Krannert...what are some of your hobbies?
"Away from Krannert, I enjoy traveling to new places, cooking, and watching and playing tennis."