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Krannert People

Krannert People

Steven Sibley
Steven Sibley
PhD Student, Finance
Signal Mountain, Tennessee

What extracurricular clubs are you in involved in at Krannert, and how have they contributed to your experience?
"I am especially active in Purdue's chapter of Net Impact, which is a global network of leaders dedicated to changing the world through business. As most of my interests center around corporate ethics, environmental sustainability, and social justice, Net Impact Purdue provides the ideal opportunity to network with similarly-minded students and to learn about better business practices."

How would you describe the Krannert faculty?
"Krannert faculty members are dedicated to helping students develop a deep understanding of the course material. Widely accessible outside of class, the faculty is more than mere teachers, but mentors who guide their students' learning of course material and development as leaders."

Your classmates come from a variety of work backgrounds...what have you been able to learn from them?
"I have had the opportunity to work on team assignments with classmates who have worked as bankers in Korea, financial analysts in Taiwan, engineers in India, and sales managers in the United States. The diversity of the work experience of my classmates translates to diverse insights into and perspectives on issues related to business and management. Having the opportunity to work and learn with students from such a wide array of countries and backgrounds has helped me continue to develop a global perspective on both business and life and has expanded by cultural awareness and sensitivity."

How has the Krannert School helped develop your leadership skills?
"At Krannert, I have learned that being a leader is so much more than directing others in the completion of a task or goal. Being a leader involves being able to create such a compelling vision of a potential future that others willfully direct their own actions towards the attainment of the leader's vision."

How would you describe living near the Purdue campus?
"I live in downtown Lafayette. It is wonderful to be able to walk down the street to a restaurant or bar. From May to October, I can walk down the street to the historic Lafayette Farmer's Market, where I can purchase fresh, locally grown produce. I can easily get to Purdue campus within 15 minutes by bicycle or bus. Everything I need is so close by."

Away from Krannert...what are do you do for fun?
"When not working on class work, I enjoy playing disc golf in downtown Lafayette, going out with friends for dinner at the local brewpub, and taking my dog to one of the numerous parks near downtown. When I want to go see a concert or a professional sporting event, Indianapolis is only an hour away, and Chicago is two and a half hours away."