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Operations Management

Program Details

Operations management involves the study of management concerns related to the design, decision-making, and implementation of operating systems. Although manufacturing and supply-chain systems receive primary emphasis, other areas of study include operating systems to provide services or information. In recent U.S. News & World Report rankings of business schools, the production/operations area at Krannert consistently ranks in the top 5 amoung business schools.

Unique Features

  • The Krannert Operations Management Program takes an analytical, operations-research, model-oriented approach.
  • Operations Management Programs at the Krannert School are recognized as "Top 5" programs by US News and World Report and Business Week magazines.
  • Coursework includes rigorous classes in economics, operations research & industrial engineering.
  • Krannert Operations Management Ph.D. students develop teaching skills under faculty guidance. Before graduation, every student is given the opportunity to demonstrate her/his teaching ability.
  • Krannert Operations Management students enjoy an affiliation with the Global Supply Chain Management Initiative and the Purdue Center for International Business and Economic Research (CIBER), whose programs provide intellectual and financial resources to support Operations Management.

Student Profile

Applicants should have a rigorous background in engineering, applied mathematics, and/or operations research. Work experience in operations management is very desirable. A strong work ethic is essential.

Program of Study

The program of study for a Ph.D. in Operations Management is designed to achieve two goals: First, to help each student develop her/himself into a first-class researcher; second, to help each student develop her/his skills in teaching and gain experience in teaching operations management. Further information on the exact requirements of the Operations area can be found by going to the Operations Area Requirements web page and to the general Management Doctoral Program Requirements web page.

Financial Aid

Every student accepted into the Krannert Operations Management Program receives a waiver of tuition and fees and a stipend for living expenses. See below.

Exceptional students may be eligible for additional aid, such as The Ford Motor Company Supply-Chain Management Supplemental Award for Doctoral Study, or The Operations Management Alumni Fund Supplemental Award for Doctoral Study, which provides a supplement of $10,000 over three years.

Application and Financial Aid

Click here to learn how to apply for Admission or for Financial Aid.