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Admissions Overview

As a world class management school, Krannert seeks to recruit top applicants.

The Krannert School of Management strives to enroll a student body with a variety of skills and backgrounds that will work together to foster personal and professional growth in a dynamic learning environment.

The Application Process

To succeed in its mission, the admissions committee undertakes a holistic admission review process, considering many different elements.  Our review of your application begins with an emphasis on the following factors:
• Quality and quantity of work experience
• Record of prior academic and professional training
• Test scores*
These factors help us determine your ability to take on the challenges of a master’s program. Just as important, we look at your ability to contribute to the program and Krannert's ability to help you reach your personal and professional goals.  For that reason, we also ask applicants for:
• Recommendations (2)
• Essays
• Current Professional Resume
• Information about community involvement
• Interview feedback**

Assistance for Evaluating Your Application

We understand that applying to an Executive MBA program requires a great deal of time, effort, and commitment. To help you in the process, we are open to reviewing your resume to determine if you meet the minimum requirements for the program. A positive evaluation does not bypass the formal admissions process nor is it a guarantee of admission. It is simply our offer to help you understand how your qualifications meet with our program requirements. If you would like such assistance, please email your resume to JoAnn Whitford at jwhitfor@purdue.edu.

Your Application Review

Krannert Executive Education programs admit qualified applicants on a rolling basis. Applications are reviewed as soon as they are submitted and all required application materials are received. The admissions committee can render an admission decision only after receiving all required application materials, as within the online application and explained in more detail on the Application Materials page. Krannert and Purdue University requirea that all transcripts, documents, and supporting materials be fully authentic and therefore we reserve the right to require verification. Notification of admission would be within two weeks.
*Applicants may request a GMAT waiver if they meet the following criteria: 3+ years work experience & B average undergrad GPA. Those wishing to request a waiver should indicate their desire on the 3rd optional essay within the application.

**Interviews by invitation only

Please note:  All admission decisions are communicated in writing via email whenever possible and no admission decisions will be given by telephone.