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For Alumni

ALP Project Information

The Purdue Global EMBA (IMM) program and (domestic) EMBA program are once again looking for client companies for a consulting project with our teams of 5-6 executive education students.  Projects start in mid-June or late July and last about 16 weeks.  Optimal projects are cross-functional and address a critical issue within the company.  The projects require no financial obligation form the company, but do require client commitment and access to time and information.  For more information, please contact Aldas Kriauciunas, Purdue EMBA Programs executive director, at akriauci@purdue.edu or 765-496-6180.

NEW Alumni Appreciation Events for 2014

Although we always welcome alumni visits, we have set aside days especially for you.  Take the opportunity to network with the current cohort and fellow alumni and hear a guest speaker.   Share your life experiences with students--  it’s a win-win for everyone.

Look for the next alumni appreciation event on Wednesday, October 22, 2014.  

You’re Invited to Purdue’s NEW Continuing Education Series

As we emphasized when you were an MBA student, we seek to build relationships that last well beyond graduation.  To that end, we're pleased to announce our NEW Continuing Education Series, offered FREE to you as a Purdue EMBA graduate.

In January,  Dr. Ben Dunford, Associate Professor of Management in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management presented "Strategic Compensation and Organizational Performance/Profitability."

Dr. Dunford's research considers two categories related to employee engagement.,  The first category evaluates the impact of initiatives such as reward systems, participative management and change intervention on outcomes at the firm, unit or individual level.  The second category examines employee cooperation and contrary disengagement processes, such as the development of burnout, job search, turnover, and retaliatory behavior.  

View the entire webinar here.  

Read the June 2014 newsletter, The Purdue Executive.